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Hi, I’m Tom.  I teach how you can create an income earning blog.  This doesn’t involve recruiting your family and friends, hosting corny home parties, or setting up 3 way calls, and you can keep your business and private lives completely separate.  All this means is that you still get to have a life.  How great is that?

I’m taking this blog places, and you can hop on board and come along for the ride.  I do this with the Empower Network System, and this blog is my luxury yacht.  Ready to set sail?

Network marketing doesn’t have to be the awkward & pushy profession that many think it is, especially if you do it the smart internet way. People are searching for this stuff, so give them what they want.

Give up that leaky bath tub and let’s build a cream puff to set sail in.  Won’t you come along?

Tom Connelly

Hey everyone!

I wanted to let you all know that EVERY Monday night, Empower Network holds it’s “Empower Hour” call, which anyone can dial into and get a flavor for what is talked about within Empower Network.  Sometimes it’s inspirational, sometimes they talk about upcoming products and promotions.  They ALWAYS talk about what it’s like to not have to go to a regular job and work a miracle business from home.  You’re sure to find something that inspires you on the call.  So, if you listen in and find that you’ve found what you are looking for, or feel that this is something that you would like to get into or hear more about, GET ON THE MONDAY Empower Hour CALL!  It’s open to everyone.

Dial This Number (209)255-1040

If you miss it don’t fret, the replay number is (209)255-1049 Access Code: 498575#

…and get back to me when you want to get into the best thing out there today.  I already know this, but if you’re new you may need some time to let it all sink in.  That’s okay, take as much time as you need, but when you’re ready, I’ll BE HERE!



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Anyone who knows Vick Strizheus knows that the guy is a guru when it comes to acquiring and driving traffic that converts into sales.  Vick was the genius behind Big Idea Mastermind, and he has been not only one of the top income earners inside Empower Network, but with any affiliate offer that he decides to participate in.

Why? …you ask?

Because the guy knows where and how to get the traffic that converts.

It’s that simple, yet for many, that hard.

I’m amazed at the number of online marketers who can’t even build their own lead capture page or squeeze page.

Too many people leave it up to the host program to supply that.

I have built my own and I use the company capture pages, but it all depends on the path I want the lead to take and which sales funnel I want them to enter.

The difference here is that too many are totally reliant on the company provided capture pages.

What’s the problem with that, you say? While company provided capture pages are slick, if it is a really popular offer, the chances of that capture page becoming stale or worn out are high. Wouldn’t it be great to send people to your own capture page and use your own funnel?

Again, it’s all about which way you want them to go.

You make the choice.

So, here we have Vick Strizheus, and he is the brains behind the new Empower Network product called Internet Traffic Formula.

internet traffic formula

Read on to learn a bit more about this gem.

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You can download the Think and Grow Rich PDF from this page, but please read on to learn the key points from Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  The Think and Grow Rich PDF is available in many places, but here I want to provide some digest information about it in order to distill the key points for those wishing to read the original work of art by Napoleon Hill.


As you read the book, you’ll notice a striking similarity to many of the success mantras that are preached by the majority of today’s motivational speakers and success gurus. For the longest time I never knew this but after being exposed to this overall body of work for so long, you can easily see this. Also. ever since The Secret movie was released in 2007, you can REALLY see the similarity. The Secret took much of its philosophy from Napoleon Hill’s work. They mixed it with some other work as well, like the philosophy of Abraham Hicks, for example.

In addition to the Think and Grow Rich PDF which I provide at the end of the article, how about hearing from the author himself?

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The U2 Bono Effect: Quitting is not an Option in Affiliate Marketing

How many times have you read that quitting is not an option and that you can’t quit because you can’t let other people’s opinion of you define you or your experience?  I’ve heard motivational speakers like Les Brown say that over and over, but you know, you can get numb to all that positive talk. […]

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How to Make a Blog as Sexy as a New Leisure Suit

How to make a blog is easy. Yeah, you just read that here. You definitely heard it here. Any ol grandma can get online and create a blog. How to make a blog is point and click with all of the blogging platforms out there. Everyone from WordPress, Blogger, HubPages, Squidoo, Tumblr…. Oh, don’t forget […]

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The Dude Abides by this Easy Going Lifestyle… What Day Is This?

The Dude abides… It’s a mantra for a new day. How many people out there long to be totally free of the grind of the normal daily work schedule, where they have to jump through hoops doing what they hate on someone’s else’s time frame just to make a living so they can pay their […]

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Les Brown Has Been Saying What You Need to Hear For Over Over 20 Years

Les Brown is a motivational speaker who has been getting people into the positive zone for over 20 years. I first watched his speeches when they were carried on PBS television in the early to mid 1990′s. At that time I was in my twenties. While I really enjoyed his motivation talks, at that point […]

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Musings on the Pulp Fiction Wallet

I was recently going back and forth with another internet marketer in a private forum hosted by our mutual sponsor, and he’s a bad mofo. You know, a bad mothaf*cka. I hope that kind of language doesn’t make you recoil, but I’m no nonsense and I tell it like it is. I don’t go out […]

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How To Build Backlinks So Your Site Ranks and Banks

How to build backlinks is something that you’ll need to know if you want your site to rank in Google. Many people don’t know this. It wasn’t all that long ago that I didn’t know it. I mean, I knew that some backlinks helped, but I didn’t realize that the more competitive your keywords are, […]

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What are Backlinks and How They Rank or Tank Your Site

Hey everybody! Hope everyone is doing great as they find this blog post. In this post I want to delve into some techie SEO stuff. Many newbies would have no idea what this is, and of course I want to make sure that my site has a great deal of technical value in addition to […]

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Google Search Algorithm Evolution: What Will Future SEO Entail?

People are always wondering what direction Big G will take the Google Search Algorithm in the future. It’s a sound pondering for any serious webmaster or blogger. You always want to make sure that your site and your style are to your benefit since if your material doesn’t rank, no one will see it, and […]

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How to Make Money with Empower Network is an Easy Formula to Follow

The $64,000. question out there is how to make money with empower network. I can see why. There are two types of people, normally, who ask this question. (the third group are the haters and we’re not going to address them here, I have another post for them) One type is the new opportunity or […]

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Why You Need a Plan for Success in Your Internet Marketing Business

I just wanted to post a little something about having a plan for success.  Plans can be large or small, complicated or simple.  You can choose how to set up your plan, but I am just making sure that you have one. Why? Well, I get the impression that too many would be marketers are […]

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Empower Network BBB – Complaints or just Sour Grapes?

Empower Network BBB brings up a negative image.  This is a daunting task so let me get straight to it.  This is the difficult part about getting people interested in Empower Network, because if they research it they come across all of these complaints out there from ex affiliates and others.  Some are legit complaints […]

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The Secret Movie – What They Don’t Tell You

The Secret Movie has been a very inspiring production that has, as usual in our complex society, polarized people along the lines of hopeful optimists and pessimistic skeptics.  That’s okay, because controversy feeds publicity.  Every time a skeptic complains or states that they’re not buying it, they introduce the concept to a multitude of new […]

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Google Glass Cost a Man His Dignity

It’s not very often that you think about being arrested for using Google, but Google glass cost a man his dignity when he was wearing the device to a movie theater.  He was watching the “Jack Ryan” movie with his wife when an agent with a badge approached him and pulled him out of the […]

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