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Hi, I’m Tom.  I’m taking this blog places, and you can hop on board and come along for the ride.  I do this in a variety of ways, from SEO, to syndication, and social sharing. …and this blog is my luxury yacht.  Ready to set sail?

Online marketing doesn’t have to be the awkward & pushy profession that many think it is, especially if you do it the smart internet way. People are searching for this stuff, so give them what they want. You can do this while keeping your personal and business lives separate, you don’t have to bother family or friends, and you still get to have a life.

Give up that leaky bath tub and let’s build a cream puff to set sail in.  Won’t you come along?

Tom Connelly

Hello Internet buddies.

Still dreaming of life transforming income online?

Are you still spinning your wheels wondering how you are going to make something finally work for you in the realm of online income generation?

Maybe you come to money making blogs like this one and click around, but then click away simply not believing that it’s true or that maybe us online money making people are all liars and scam artists.

Well, if that is your thought process, just go back to your dead end glass ceiling job.

I mean, why bother then?

If you still have any dreams left in you and hold out a glimmer of hope that this stuff isn’t some pie in the sky dream, then go watch the video that can teach you the most reliable online method that will get you on the path to becoming a real internet marketer.

Once you are committed and on that path, there is no turning back.

For those of you who need some more inspiration, check out this guy, who’s rise has been not only meteoric but inspirational, since he went from a low level job as Coffee Barista to Online Marketer Deluxe.


Keala Kanae


Keep reading below because I have a great audio for you to listen to it in his own words and you don’t want to miss that.

Skip it and go back to being a failure or a never has been, I guess…

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Most of you will never hear this from an experienced marketer, especially when they speak to those who are new to things.

So, I hope that you really read this intently and then explore other topics on this blog.

You really want to read this and understand it.

Stop resisting, and put away your scam radar, because this is real information that can make or break you if you are looking to make money over the internet.

I’m about to give you some tidbits that you could usually only get from buying an expensive course or spending plenty of money on several courses or digital products.

Read on, if you’re serious about getting on the Internet Money Train.

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It’s a funny thing. You know, this time of year.


Everyone has the New Year’s Resolution thing, and you’ll see the “Year in Rewind” thing done about a gazillion times on the various television networks. If you’re like many people, it’ll nudge you to create one or more of your own. It also might annoy you when you think of last year’s resolutions that went into the great bin bucket (or bit bucket, if you’re a nerd like me) of life.

Maybe you made a resolution to get thinner, to lose excess weight. Hey, I’m with ya there. If there is anything about the “digital lifestyle” that doesn’t agree with my slow metabolism, it’s sitting in front of a laptop banging on keys all day. There isn’t much caloric expenditure in that.

Perhaps last year you thought that by now you’d be this much (holding fingers a hair apart) closer to your goal of financial independence, only to have factors beyond your control force that dream to a crashing mess before your eyes. Perhaps another Google search algorithm change put your ideas further into the SERPs so that less organic traffic and hence less prospects came your way. Maybe it was an unexpected layoff from your job that left your catching up for awhile. Maybe it was relationship issues. Doesn’t really matter, does it?

What do I mean by that?

Well, the past is the past.

Let it go.

If you dwell on past things that were mostly beyond your control anyway, then you’re just wasting time NOW.

Get on with it, will ya? [Click for more greatness…]


Online Success is Around the Corner, so Suck it Up. No More Excuses!

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Lead Capture Page VooDoo

So you’re wondering why YOU need your own lead capture page even if the opportunity or business or affiliate offer that you are promoting has given you their own whiz bang lead capture page to point people to? There are reasons, you know… That is why I am here. I am here to show you […]

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Remember How Bobby Boucher Grew Into a Man by Investing in Himself?

Bobby Boucher. Remember him? I don’t know how many of you are Adam Sandler fans, but Bobby Boucher is the fictional character in The Waterboy who is 33 and lives at home with his mama (Kathy Bates) in their Louisiana Bayou home in the swamps, and works as the water boy for a local college […]

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Taking Action, There’s No Substitute for It… Just ask Wile E. Coyote

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Learning How to Make Money Online for Free

I wanted to put in an article about all of those people who need to make money online for free. Well, what EXACTLY does that mean? Nothing is totally free. You have to trade something for it, but many are willing to trade their time at the very least. If you don’t put in some […]

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Internet Traffic Formula Builds a Superhighway to Profits

Anyone who knows Vick Strizheus knows that the guy is a guru when it comes to acquiring and driving traffic that converts into sales.  Vick was the genius behind Big Idea Mastermind, and he has been not only one of the top income earners inside Empower Network, but with any affiliate offer that he decides […]

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There is More to the Think and Grow Rich PDF Than Just a Download

You can download the Think and Grow Rich PDF from this page, but please read on to learn the key points from Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  The Think and Grow Rich PDF is available in many places, but here I want to provide some digest information about it in order to distill […]

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The U2 Bono Effect: Quitting is not an Option in Affiliate Marketing

How many times have you read that quitting is not an option and that you can’t quit because you can’t let other people’s opinion of you define you or your experience?  I’ve heard motivational speakers like Les Brown say that over and over, but you know, you can get numb to all that positive talk. […]

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How to Make a Blog as Sexy as a New Leisure Suit

How to make a blog is easy. Yeah, you just read that here. You definitely heard it here. Any ol grandma can get online and create a blog. How to make a blog is point and click with all of the blogging platforms out there. Everyone from WordPress, Blogger, HubPages, Squidoo, Tumblr…. Oh, don’t forget […]

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The Dude Abides by this Easy Going Lifestyle… What Day Is This?

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