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Kalatu is WordPress Powered and So Much More

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Kalatu is the Final Word On Monetized Blogging


It’s out there, and being talked about everywhere.

This is going to be not only a review but it explains how you can make money with Kalatu.

Kalatu is the new WordPress blogging platform and it provides you with some great features.

The best feature is that it is a monetized system.  What that means is that when you join and start blogging with this system and you become an affiliate, you are instantly eligible to get commissions on any people who you bring in through your blogging.

How does that work?  You don’t have to sell to people or actively recruit.  With this system, it’s just the power of numbers.

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New Year Resolutions 2015 – Do You Have Any?

New Years Resolutions

It’s a funny thing. You know, this time of year.


Everyone has the New Year’s Resolution thing, and you’ll see the “Year in Rewind” thing done about a gazillion times on the various television networks. If you’re like many people, it’ll nudge you to create one or more of your own. It also might annoy you when you think of last year’s resolutions that went into the great bin bucket (or bit bucket, if you’re a nerd like me) of life.

Maybe you made a resolution to get thinner, to lose excess weight. Hey, I’m with ya there. If there is anything about the “digital lifestyle” that doesn’t agree with my slow metabolism, it’s sitting in front of a laptop banging on keys all day. There isn’t much caloric expenditure in that.

Perhaps last year you thought that by now you’d be this much (holding fingers a hair apart) closer to your goal of financial independence, only to have factors beyond your control force that dream to a crashing mess before your eyes. Perhaps another Google search algorithm change put your ideas further into the SERPs so that less organic traffic and hence less prospects came your way. Maybe it was an unexpected layoff from your job that left your catching up for awhile. Maybe it was relationship issues. Doesn’t really matter, does it?

What do I mean by that?

Well, the past is the past.

Let it go.

If you dwell on past things that were mostly beyond your control anyway, then you’re just wasting time NOW.

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success suck it up

Online success can be around the corner for anyone, if they work and they’re patient.

So what is this, Tom, you say? You’re always talking about patience and hard work.

I want to make the big money NOW!

Well, you’re not going to be making a mint overnight.

It takes time and work.

Listen, anytime you put content online, people have to find that content.

They usually find it via Google or another search engine.

Do you think those rankings happen overnight?

Hey, don’t shoot the messenger. I don’t make the rules here.

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Taking Action – Why Action Takers Produce Results

taking action and follow through

Persistence and follow through is something that cannot be overlooked when anyone tries to create income or success online, or anywhere, by buying and following educational material that they find or purchase online. Taking action is what is needed to produce results.

This is my second article on taking action, mainly because it is SUCH an important topic. The first article on taking action is an entertaining read so after you read this one hop on over and check out numero uno.

follow through

Many people embark down the path of internet marketing and creating opportunity online, but most of them fail and go home with their tails between their legs, sometimes yelling “Scam!” in order to cover up their own deficiencies or just the bad advice they followed.

You can’t give up and you have to be stubborn as if you invented the concept of being stubborn. Taking action can become contagious!

taking action

Yeah, it’s true…

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