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I’m Tom.

I would like to be known as the MLM Ninja or NinjaMLM.

MLM stands for Multi Level Marketing, which is a legitimate business model where products are sold through a Network Marketing model.  In network marketing, you recruit people to join your business and usually get some sort of compensation based on their sales and the sales of their organizations that they build under them, which is also under you.

Many long standing successful companies like Amway and Primerica use this model, and are very successful with it.  Newer companies like Empower Network also use something similar to this model, and are also very successful with it.  This lets the independent consultant stop trading time for money, which is the way traditional jobs work.  In a traditional job, there is only so much time that you can trade for money.  When you are in a model that lets you earn on an organization that you help build, it grows beyond what you could ever earn by trading your time for money. Of course regular internet affiliate marketing via blogs is great, and I encourage it (as well as practice it), but the MLM model is nothing to ignore!

This is my site, which is here to document my path out of trading time for money, and to help others on their way to the same goal.  Remember, we don’t have to compete with each other.  Join me in one of my ventures and let’s get there together.  My main goal here is to help teach information that I have learned about blogging, website creation, internet marketing, Empower Network, Easy Hundreds, and possibly other great programs.  Empower Network is a premier program and something that, in all honesty, EVERYONE who wants to make money from the Internet should join.

Are You Struggling With Your Online Business???

It’s not your fault.

Join my team and you will find yourself in a place of learning and support. You will have access to our secret Facebook Group. There is a formula for winning.  You don’t just go into this blindly but you follow those who are having success or who are grouped with those who are having success. If you are struggling – it may be because you are mentally pushing success away. The good news is that when you keep trying and keep doing, you have a breakthrough – When You Take Action.

Bill Gates once said that a Major Factor for success is to take IMMEDIATE and MASSIVE action.

Tony Robbins speaks about Follow Through.

If you are serious about changing your future, we have the solution for you.

Stop whatever time wasting activities that you may be doing right now and Click here: Make A Powerful Decision Today!  

Decide to join my team and I’ll see you on the other side. 🙂


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