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Empower Network Banners

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Empower Network banners.  Why do people search for that term?  Maybe it’s existing EN affiliates looking for stuff to jazz up their websites.

I’m not sure.  In my case it was.

I found plenty of cool banners online but I only use one in my rotation.  Instead, I chose other banners that get the general idea across, the Internet lifestyle vision.

That’s, after all, what we are trying to convey, isn’t it?

Empower Network Banners Exude a Feeling of Spend Free Fancy

Ha ha.  Don’t they?  The pictures of islands and yachts.  The idea that we’re either financially independent, on our way to it, still in work your ass off hopeful mode, or haven’t started still dreaming yet.

Why not other visions, though?  I mean, I use island type of graphics, for now.  I’m probably going to work in a New York City one since, believe me, every time I go to NYC for leisure I drop boat loads of cash.

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What symbolizes success for you?

What is that “success vision” that you hold in your mind’s eye?

I imagine that for most “regular” people, success is just being able to pay your bills on time or having money in the bank.  Maybe it’s being able to go out to eat at a nice restaurant without worrying about the bill or what to order.  maybe it’s being able to give a nice tip or even “over tip” the server.  Whatever that is can be an individual thing.

Empower Network banners usually symbolize the fantasy success that most people think of, being able to jet off to remote tropical paradises while their Internet businesses earn them passive income.

Did I use the word “fantasy”?

Well, to most people it is a fantasy, and they imagine that it can’t really happen.  Well, let me put it this way, if a $30,000 – $100,000+ monthly income (up to at least a $250,000/month income I have seen) would provide someone with the ability to have that lifestyle, then it isn’t a fantasy for them, and it doesn’t have to be a fantasy for you.  Even if you don’t crave that lifestyle, you’ll still enjoy having the money that would let you do that be in your bank account.

Maybe you would give more to charity or your church.

Maybe you would set up education funds for the kids in your family and extended family.

It doesn’t matter what you would do with that money but that you believe that it is not only possible for some exceptional internet marketer out there but when you are using a system that was set up so that ANYONE could succeed in that manner then it becomes possible for you.

So, Empower Network banners just symbolize the ability to be able to live that fantasy island lifestyle even if that is not the lifestyle that you crave.  Maybe you just want to sit at your own pool in the summer with that laptop, blogging your heart out.  I hear ya.  You can do it.

Hi, I’m Tom, and even though I use Empower Network banners and all sorts of banners in my empower network site, I personally don’t crave some tropical life.  I don’t even like the heat.  What I can tell you is that having that money in your bank account is priceless.

We have a blogging system that is second to none and ranks well in Google.  Whether you choose to use the existing Empower Network blog or roll your own, like I have with this site, I can teach you the other things that you have to do to get ranked in Google and recognized as a worthwhile site.  After all, you can blog your ass off but if no one finds your blog then it’s all merely academic, right?

I’m a long time technology worker.  I’ve worked for small technology startups as well as well known household brand name companies, like HP, for example.  I never realized how much money regular people were making online until recently.  I looked into it and saw that while there are many offers, and I’ve been on the receiving end (still ma) of all of the “income opportunity” emails, one company stood out.  I checked into them and they are rock solid and they really pay out.  Their commissions  are great on some of the products and on the others the commissions are so high they are still astounding.

Okay, I found the company to be with.  I’ve seen the proof of the income.  How to get started?  While there are some things to learn, you don’t have to be a tech guy like me. Many of my colleagues are regular non technical people who just learned the simple things and concepts that you need to learn to be successful with this.  The bottom line here is that you won’t be all on your own, like I was for years when I was researching all of these things.  My hat is off to the people who got rich in internet marketing doing their own thing, but right now there are companies that exist that handle the actual sales conversions for you and all you need to do is to learn to drive traffic, and I and my friends can teach you that.

To learn more, see my partner page.

Soon you could be producing nice looking Empower Network blogs with pretty Empower Network banners too!  Like I said, it’s not rocket science and once you plug into a working system and commit to whatever it takes to make it work, then you will be successful.

I hope to see you on the other side.

Oh, and as for the Empower Network banners… You can either make your own banners using smaller images or grab them from Google’s image search and then change them around a bit in your favorite image editing application to make em your own.  Be careful with really customized images though so you don’t piss anyone off.



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