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Google Glass Cost a Man His Dignity

google glass cost
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It’s not very often that you think about being arrested for using Google, but Google glass cost a man his dignity when he was wearing the device to a movie theater.  He was watching the “Jack Ryan” movie with his wife when an agent with a badge approached him and pulled him out of the theater.  It turns out that the agents thought he was recording the movie, because they claimed that they have had problems with people using the device to do exactly that, at the very same theater.


I never thought that they actually had people investigating that stuff “in the field”.

google glass cost

The Google Glass Cost Much More Than the Money Paid to Have It

You’d think that with the growing domestic terrorist threat and multitude of bad people out there (serial killers, school shooters, gangs, etc) that the Feds would be too busy with real crime than to worry if the Hollywood movie studios were losing some profit to piracy.  I mean, I’m not saying that piracy isn’t bad or a crime, but  ya know… priorities?

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So, this guy get’s Shanghai’d out of the theater and has to have his private images and stuff searched through a government laptop, (probably having Red Chinese trojans migrated to his device in the process) after being told that he’s a liar and a criminal and all that.  All in all he was held for four hours.  How’s THAT for a Google Glass review?

So, they find out that he’s clean.  As he tried to tell them, his Google glass was off and he wasn’t recording anything.  He gets no apology and free movie tickets and is allowed to go on his (by this time not so merry) way. The Google Glass cost was pretty high in this small example of government overreach.

I feel bad for this guy.  I mean, there is a bit of Schadenfreude for Google itself, but not for the guy himself in this scenario.  I mean, look at it this way, Google in many ways, these days, personifies Big Brother.  They are the new Big Brother of the corporate internet.  Microsoft used to be the evil empire, according to all the FSF GNU Linux lovers, but now, ironically, it’s Google, and Google pretty much runs on their forks of Linux.  Oh this is just full of sad irony.

How long before gadget freaks who are wearing the Google Glass have to face frustrated stares of people who think they are not paying attention to them but what’s on the glass, much the way the mobile phone addict had to deal with now.

google glass cost“No, Honey, of course I heard what you said.”  LOL

Okay so what am I getting at?  Well, I’m spreading the news about that story, mainly because I resent not only government overreach but also the Feds being used as armed storm troopers to benefit one industry.  It just reeks of the corporate government state.

On the other hand, it’s good to see a Google product causing so much… controversy.  As annoying as Google can be to the SEO community and always having to fight an SEO arms race against them, it’s kind of cool to see their technology be such a thorn in the side of the Government-Movie Industry duopoly.

So, for those willing to put up with the Google glass cost of some time and dignity, I can see an army of gadget geeks taking to movie theaters just to eat up so much of the Fed’s time that they actually give up bothering the gadget freaks.  I mean, if they wanted a Google Glass demo, all they had to do was ask nicely.

Hey, can SEO’s do that to Google?  Not really.  While the Feds are relying on old fashioned fallible manpower, Google uses computers and algorithms to do their dirty work, and let me clue ya in, algorithms and computers don’t get tired.  Just watch the Matrix a few times. to understand the concept.


If you can figure out how to make the Google bots divide by zero, you might have a chance to transmit to the almighty G the “All your base are belong to us” message, but beyond that, don’t even try to fool them for long.


So here we are left pondering the real Google glass cost, in the context of many things, and then a lesson for the SEO and other website people out there.

What, there’s a lesson?  Well yeah, because a wordsmith can make a lesson from almost anything, no matter how tenuous the relative details.

The lesson is that if you are going to be an early adopter of something that straps to your big meat head, don’t wear it into a movie theater! (laughing)

No, really, how dumb do you have to be to wear such a device into a movie theater?  I’m all for bashing the Feds for wasting my tax money on such a stupid matter when there are real issues to deal with out there, but you know they are being hobbled by the higher ups who have their own agendas.  It’s all true.  The agents go where they’re told to go and hassle whom they’re told to hassle.  Hollywood pays big money to politicians to craft laws that then result in this type of lunacy.  That’s how it’s, “done”, as they say.  Signed, sealed, paid for, and delivered on a silver platter.

So, there are many costs here.  Pick your cost.  Choose what annoys you most about this whole story, if anything.

Let me know what you think about it in the comment section below.

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Hey, if there is indeed a Google glass cost, at least you’ll be able to pay it.


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