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Starting a Business Ideas That You Can Use

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Hi, I’m Tom and I love blogging about business and starting a business ideas.  We can all use more ideas when starting a business, right?  I have a particular angle on this.  I was searching for this for a long time and I came to the conclusion that it’s difficult and expensive to start a business.  

Everywhere I turned, the most doable business that the vast majority of people can follow and actually succeed in involves some form of network marketing.  Now, traditional network marketing is no walk in the park.  It’s not easy.  Nothing worthwhile is ever “easy” but there are degrees here.  I guess if you like running around and shaking hands and being here there and everywhere then maybe traditional network marketing is for you.  Now, there’s no law that says that you can’t do some of that and some of what I’m going to propose.

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Looking around and searching… for a LONG time.  That was me. I was getting frustrated searching for something that I could work at part time while I still had a job to pay my bills.  Network marketing really is a golden opportunity for working people.  Why bother with a minimum wage part time job when you can generate amazing income at home from your computer?  I mean, it’s a no brainer.  I wouldn’t worry about all of the “scam” talk either.  Just be smart with your money.  Don’t spend beyond your comfort zone and whatever you decide on give it your all or don’t do it at all.

So what, Tom, do you know about starting a business ideas that I can use to cash in?

Anyway, I’m involved in several promising activities, because that’s the type of person that I am.  I”m addicted to success and starting a business ideas, but I specifically enjoy owning and building internet properties.  What’s an internet property?  It’s a website, blog, something that YOU own.  It’s your own “.com”, “.net”, etc…  Now, the beauty of some are that you don’t have to own them all.  You can use sites like WordPress.com or Tumblr, but also Empower Network has their own blogging system that is a part of the first affiliate level, which makes it super simple for ANYONE to blog away and let the leads come into the opportunity and see what it has to offer.  Using the power of the internet to leverage the opportunity and the products in a synergistic blend of crazy fun wonderfulness.  Does that sound cheesy?  Believe me, a certain number of formerly everyday people now earning $5k, $10k, up to and exceeding $100k per month in extreme cases.  Now, is any of that promised income?  No, of course not.  It depends on a lot of factors, not least of which is your own ability to promote and leverage the business to your advantage, but they provide all of the tools.  You just choose your comfort level or if you want to go all in, and do what is required of you.  We teach you that, and if you partner with me I’ll be here to provide guidance as to how I go about it, and I learn from my mentor in this system who is earning, at the time of this post, almost $40k per month from a blog just like this one.

Listen, you can roll the dice.  You can go get a part time minimum wage job to supplement your income.  It’s guaranteed money but it’s tiny and won’t grow.  It will eat up all of your spare time and you’ll end up quitting from burnout.  You have to work when THEY tell you to and it’s just not a very smart thing to do.


You can roll the dice again, invest in a real business with real opportunity, and at the same time educate and better yourself.  You will learn cutting edge sales and marketing tactics meant for the new internet world.  You will learn about blogs, domains, web hosting, SEO, and all sorts of cool things that matter.  There’s no guarantees, but that’s the way with anything that is worth anything.  I never had a guarantee that I would graduate university.  I never had a guarantee of a job, or promotions at any job.  I never had a guarantee that I would be employed for life, or that my income would constantly go up.  You make your own guarantees in life.  If you are that type, or you seriously believe that you can become that type, then partner with me by following the colorful photo in the right sidebar of this blog.


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