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Arnold Schwarzenegger on Success

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Success
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How can you talk about success and not talk about Arnold Schwarzenegger?

The guy emigrated to another land, wasn’t a native English speaker, carried a heavy Austrian accent his entire life (I love his accent!), and was written off as a muscle head by many when he was in his bodybuilding hey day.

The guy went on to be a blockbuster movie star and even the Governor of California.

The bottom line here is that he never gave up no matter what anyone ever said about him, so that is a lesson that anyone can carry with them until they hit their success.

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Arnold would tell you to not look for handouts, to pull yourself up and CREATE your success, just like he did .

Arnold Schwarzenegger struck out into the world and made himself known to millions and loved by millions more, and has made millions of dollars in several industries.

If Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t qualified to teach us all about success and to preach about success motivation, then no one is.

Heed his words and find your own greatness.

Arnold Swarzenegger’s 6 Rules of Success

1 – Trust Yourself
2 – Break Some Rules
3 – Don’t be Afraid to Fail
4 – Ignore the Naysayers
5 – Work Like Hell
6 – Give Something Back


When you feel discouraged, listen to this video clip and let it motivate you!


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