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Dropcard Marketing

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Using Marketing Drop Cards to Advertise Your Business or Opportunity

Drop cards are a fun way to market your business or opportunity in the offline world.  Whether you are advertising your website, product, network marketing opportunity, or other business venture, these cards are sure to get you some attention.

Okay Tom, you’ve got me interested, but what is a drop card?

A drop card is a small business card that when folded looks like money.  You drop them on the ground or plant them in interesting places in order to get passers by to pick them up and see your opportunity.  The great thing is that people usually keep them and show them to others, and even if they just throw them back after seeing it isn’t really money, it will be there for another person to pick up.



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What Should Be On The Drop Card?

Well, if you are going to use these in a dropping them all about kind of way, like, throwing them on the ground everywhere you go, you do NOT want to have your phone number on them as you really don’t want to be spending your time answering complaint calls. It is important that you have a good headline that will create interest and your website URL is a minimum. You can also include an email address but make it one for the purpose since you never know what some random person will do with that address.


9 Ways I Prefer to use Drop Cards

#1 – In Planes

You can insert them into the skymall catalogs in the back of the seats if you get on the plane early enough.  This one might be tricky because with all of the plane security these days, someone might get suspicious as to your motives, so be careful.  At the least you can flick them on a few seats before other passengers get onto the plane.

#2 – In Reading establishments: Bookstores and Libraries

This is one is so easy and local. I will go to the local Barnes and Noble, and then select books I think my prospects would read. Just target the likely audience for your dropcard and place it where those people are most likely to see the card.  You can do this at local libraries as well.

#3 – Medical and Other Waiting Rooms

Waiting rooms and beauty salons are full of people who are stuck there for a certain amount of time. They always have magazines there, take your drop cards and place them in as many magazines as possible.

#4 – Restaurants

When you are done eating at the restaurant and putting in that tip (make sure it is a nice tip or this will not work at all!) slide a drop card in there, You can also ask the waiter or waitress if they’d be interested in working something on the side that wouldn’t interfere with their current job.  You can also place the cards into any magazines in the waiting area if the restaurant has one.  Yo can drop some cards discreetly in this area.  Don’t overdo it though.

#5 – Toll Booths

Give one to the toll operator.  They might be looking for another gig to make money on the side.

#6 – Newspaper Stands

You can buy all of the newspapers in a stand and insert your card, then put them back.  You can also stick them into the candy areas while pretending to browse, so that other customers find the cards.

#7 – On the Street

This one might not be as effective since you are not targeting a particular audience, but if you have a lot of cards and get them cheaply and in bulk you can do that and you might get some people this way.

#8 – In Stores

You might want to target the customers of certain stores.  For example, if your business is one that deals with cooking or other kitchen needs, perhaps bury some of your cards in one of those specialty chef or kitchen needs stores.  If you are marketing to video gamers, then the Gamestop or other type of store where those customers congregate.  Be creative.

#9 – Get Your Team To Duplicate

Drop card marketing is an easy skill to learn and ace. It doesn’t cost much and you don’t have to talk to anyone if you don’t want to. Having your entire network marketing team duplicate this is a great way to grow your organization. This can really grow your organization fast if you teach your downline to do this and then they do it and they teach their downline etc etc.

At this time I will recommend a great place to get your cards.  The look realistic and are of the proper paper stock to fool most anyone.

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