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Empower Network Cash Flow

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Empower Network can get you cash flow independent from time. What does that mean? It means what it says. It means no longer being tied to a job because you have to be, to pay the bills. Most of us just lack the appropriate cash flow which is necessary for putting an end to worry, doubt, uncertainty, stress, and fear.  Cash flow provides options.

Can Empower Network Really Provide That?

Absofrekinlutely, if that is your goal.

empower network

Folks, I’ve seen so many people doing this.

Internet powered network marketing allows you to break the cycle of job dependency.

Life is short and people weren’t meant to be stuck in a cubicle or a dumb job all day.

I feel the resistance out there.

“But Tom”, you say… “not everyone can be in network marketing.”

I’d say you’re correct. The world needs people who perform regular jobs and menial tasks.

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Does that mean it has to be YOU?

You can’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Let others worry about their lives and you fix yours.

If you care about others, you can always become massively successful and then pay your gardener or cleaning lady very well. You can donate to charities of your choice.

I’m still riding this thing on the way up, but let me tell you about just one small fantasy that Empower Network is going to help me live out.

I have this fantasy to dress up in a Santa Claus suit at Christmastime and spread cheer to poor parents who can’t afford to give their children presents.  I’m also going to buy huge amounts of toys and bring them to places where kids are, like orphanages and hospitals.


You can act on your own philanthropic urges any way you want.

You have to have the resources to do stuff like that. You need cash flow that separates you from job dependency where you’re one or two paychecks away from being homeless yourself. Do the math.

Empower Network will teach you the methods of driving traffic and team building that is internet supercharged and it works.

Their live events are full of formerly normal unremarkable people who had regular jobs but woke up one day and questioned why they had to work some dumb job for some pointy headed boss and wondered if there was a better way.

Empower Network provides that better way.

  • Internet powered viral blogging
  • Virtually unlimited customer & prospect base online
  • World class internet marketing products that will teach you how to do it AND allow you to earn commissions on reselling the same products
  • A laid back company full of all kinds of people and led by two guys who are the most casual, laid back, unconventional characters you’ll ever meet
  • A motley crew of internet marketers from all walks of life, races, creeds, and circumstances

Empower Network is all that and more. You can’t let all of these negative skeptical “realistic” types sap your enthusiasm. Oh but you’re asking me is Empower Network a cult? Of course not. I just told you that they embrace everyone no matter their background.

Empower Network also could care less whatever other programs you promote. Many network marketing companies force you to be exclusive with them or face termination, which is stupid since as an independent consultant you should be free to market whatever you desire. As a matter of fact, Empower Network ENCOURAGES you to use their products to market your own offers online, or theirs, or both, or many. Upsell, main sell, down sell… No restrictions!

I’m going to hit on all the psychological and magical stuff in other posts since that is a major huge topic all on it’s own because belief is a huge part of success.

So Empower Network cash flow can be built up through bringing in two people a day at the cheapest $25 level. While that is hard in traditional network marketing gigs, using the massive leveraging of the unlimited internet and BLOGGING, you can succeed.

Blogging is so easy and your content lives out there permanently. Thousands of people are right now searching for all sorts of topics like Empower Network, cash flow, making money, online success, etc. (The list is almost endless)  There are literally hundreds and thousands of searches performed on such topics every day, every month, every year, and it’s growing exponentially.

What does this mean?

I know a guy who is a leader in an offline network marketing company. He even told me that finding people who want to be in is just a matter of sorting. It’s just exposing as many people as you can to it and storing them into two buckets, interested and not interested. The interested get exposed more and the uninterested are forgotten, allowed to go on their sorry unsuccessful way. It’s their choice to struggle and work that JOB for life of they want.

Is that cold of me?


You know the old cliche, you can lead a horse to water…








Once you have literally THOUSANDS of people visiting your blog(s) daily, who are already searching for such things, it’s just a matter of introducing them to the concepts, allaying some doubts and fear, and then letting them make up their own minds about it.

  • I am not here to bend over backwards trying to prove that Empower Network not only works but works better than anything that ever existed offline or online in providing amazing cash flow.
  • I am not going to beg anyone to join.
  • I am not going to let anyone treat this like they are somehow buying success and then demand it without work and effort because they “bought in” the way they buy a snack somewhere.

I have important things to do, like build out my blogs and get information to people who have already committed and are working on the same thing to make their climb easier.

Running your own business takes learning, dedication, and work.  It takes some time. Go check out the income disclaimer for that stuff.

Look around the Ninja MLM blog and see all of the other information that I have buried in this site.  It’s growing all the time and I am adding resources as fast as humanly possible.

If you are convinced and ready to commit to the last thing that you will ever need in life as far as achievement and earning goes, partner with me and I’ll see you on the inside and introduce you to the larger team of guerrilla bloggers that I belong to.

To our mutual success!


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