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Empower Network Login Can Change Your Life For the Better

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Empower Network login is the thing that will change your life because you will be connected to a huge network that was created so that ANYONE who wants to make a living, or better, in Internet marketing could do that without having to create their own products. Imagine how you can grow when you aren’t burdened with having to create products or the actual marketing materials, or the sales funnel for that matter.  Your only real “job” is to create content and drive traffic.  That’s it. 

What Does Empower Network Login Look Like?

Well, it’s quite simply the entry point into the Empower Network site and your back office. You log in and then you see your activity feed, and from here you can look in on your business, your products, your team, your leads, etc. It is tied in with the new Empower Network version 2.0 viral blogging system. Here are a few screenshots of it to give you an idea, if you’re not a member.

empower network login

Empower Network Home Page – Login to the Upper Right

empower network login

Empower Network Login page

empower network login dashboard

Empower Network v2 Main Dashboard with Activity Feed


Empower Network v2 Dashboard Promotion Funnels Area

You’ll have to join Empower Network to see the newer up to date back office and dashboard, but in these screen shots you have an idea about getting into the site and a taste for the immediate back office once you get past the Empower Network login page. Everything is in there. You have a way to communicate with your team, you see feed messages from above you, you can see your own blog feed posts, or those of your downline. You have access to the business area where you can assess your team and see who is in at what product ownership level, and who is maintaining an active affiliate membership.

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Also a part of this is that you get text messages and emails from the company, from the founders, about the Monday night calls, live Google Hangouts, and other impromptu events that come up. Empower Network really is an active company, probably the most active that I have ever experienced. They are ALWAYS reaching out to you, and not just to get you to buy products or services. It’s mostly training and other motivation stuff to make you a better marketer and get you into that whole success mindset.

The Empower Network login is really just a gateway into an organization that WANTS ITS MEMBERS TO SUCCEED ON MULTIPLE LEVELS.

They want you to succeed in business, and in life.

Does the Empower Network Login Free Me From Having to Be the Guru?

Well, it actually makes YOU the guru.  Let me explain.  Empower Network login enables you, once you join and login, to have your own back office and tools with Empower Network.  At the basic level you have a viral blogging system that resides on their authority domain which ranks well in Google right off the bat, for whatever popular search keywords are being searched for in Google.  Once you are in at the Inner Circle level, you have access to many audio files that range from inspirational to operational.  I picked up my most valuable tip up until that time from that.  It was given by an Empower Network leader and I researched it and found out ways to get my blogs better indexed and get my posts out there faster.  That alone has seen my traffic increase by probably 1000% in less than a week.

The only real skill or talent here is content creation and getting your message out in front of the eyes that are already searching for it.  So, you are targeting an already warm market with your content creation, SEO, and traffic generation strategies.  This used to be a huge “black box” to me, but now it has become clearer due to:

  1. Actually paying attention to the Empower Network Inner Circle Audios and
  2. Following my coach/sponsor’s $60,000/month success strategies.

With Empower Network, you join under someone who is already in the network.  That’s how it works.  Now, you can just join with anyone in the network or join under someone who actually has a strategy and has something extra to offer.

I am one of those people.  I am already connected to emerging greatness.

The journey only starts when you login to Empower Network.  It’s up to YOU to make it work.  You have most of the real work already done for you with the commissionable products in place, the sales funnel in place, the squeeze pages already created, the payment processor attached…  You just use the included blog and get to work.

All you have to do is to create search sucking web traffic through blogging and drive it home to Empower Network.  Then, when you login to the Empower Network, you have your back office where you can see the leads that you’ve generated.

You have to give the traffic creation and generation a little bit of time.

Now, there are some other methods that you can use for quick sales while the content creation and Google indexing is doing it’s thing.  Solo ads come to mind.  You find a real solo ads supplier and you must create an ad that will generate curiosity.  Now, solo ads are advertising and it costs some money, but that is just an investment into your business. You can use the money that you earn from ad campaigns to pour back into your business by then placing more ads and then getting more sales.  While you are doing this, and simultaneously doing the blogging and everything associated with that, your business starts to grow and then before you know it, it takes off.

Imagine how fun the Empower Network login is when you have a growing healthy business and you are going in to check on your commissions and the growth of your team and your team members’ teams?

You see, that’s what it’s all about.

While I and everyone in this right to the top are in it primarily for the money, we are also in it to find fulfillment in earning a great living WITHOUT BOUNDS and to also HELP OTHERS find the same success.  Anyone’s success in Empower Network depends on the success of those on their teams and their people’s teams, so encouraging success is in everyone’s best interest.

There are no back rooms with laughing Dave Sharpe’s and Dave Wood’s smoking fine cigars and sipping aged cognac while marveling at how stupid their minions are, because their minions are making money hand over fist and are ecstatic to be a part of the Empower Network.  That is what the name stands for – they are Empowering people to succeed in online marketing and break free of the humdrum job and living paycheck to paycheck roller coaster existence.

The Empower Network login is the first step that you take into a better life for you and your family.  After you lay the groundwork for a successful blog, eventually the visitors create leads and from those leads you start to build a team.  Some will be customers, some will be customers turned EN team members.  That is just how this works.  The products are high quality knowledge products that are instantly delivered electronically, and those products contain knowledge bombs that will transform you into a success minded internet marketer who can not only market Empower Network, but ANY other online marketing business or opportunity that you want to be involved with.  Empower Network encourages you to use this knowledge to be a better internet marketer.  You will learn everything from the success minded way of thinking to nuts and bolts real world techniques for how to market your products and how to build Google loving websites that, with some time, will be able to suck in leads from the virtually unlimited internet landscape on a 24/7/365 basis. This is real world training that you would have to pay tens of thousands for but here you get it all in one place, in a few different packages, with the rights to resell them for high commissions if you wish.   It’s a double benefit rarely seen before or since the Empower Network login came into existence!

Before I came upon my sponsor, who is actually your sponsor too if you partner with me, I hadn’t the foggiest idea how to put together my own WordPress blog.  I use the Empower branded and my own branded blogs, and you will be introduced to this concept too once you partner up.

If you’re already a network marketer or internet marketer, or a newbie in these spaces, then you owe it to yourself to get into the Empower Network login and learn the right way to do marketing.  There are so many methods taught within the products that you really can’t find all of this updated information in any one place.  You can spend lots of time picking up tidbits here or there, or years learning it through the trial and error way, or learn from the real pros who are already killing it on the internet.

That;s really what you’re getting he.  You’re getting in on the best marketing education that money can buy, and hooking into an opportunity and a culture that will make you feel a part of something larger than yourself and really become part of a movement more than a company or an opportunity.

Empower Network is a movement to get people out of the dependency of the 9-5 and to teach them more about internet or network marketing than they can ever learn anywhere else.  You can promote ANY business and definitely ANY network marketing op with this system, and the techniques and skills that you’ll learn inside will have you running circles around the throngs of “me too” social network and newbie marketers.

You can continue to spin your wheels and throw money at the next shiny thing, or get in with a group of people who really WANT you to succeed.

The fast start training and level up sequence are unlike anything that any other system has put together.

Join not only the Empower Network, but join a fast growing team within it when you partner with me.   Empower Network has since gone bankrupt, simply because their time was up and many people’s attention span moved on to other newer shinier objects. They were great while they lasted.  I’ve decided to go with a system that will never likely go out of business because it provides solid marketing tools and tons of training. You can still hit my partner links to find out all about this great stuff.

So, when you are ready to join with a winning system and take this to the bank, partner with me and let’s get busy.  If needing more proof is holding you back, then don’t let it because I can provide more proof as well.


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