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How To Generate Income From Home

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The Ways of How To Generate Income From Home are Almost Endless

The problem though is that most of them just don’t pay enough to make a living from.  Today you can’t leave the house without dropping at least $100.  Easily.  I sometimes take a short trip to the corner pharmacy, and between that and fueling the car, I can EASILY drop $100, or almost that.  Let’s not include all of the other expenses that we have on a weekly basis.  They say that every family is just two paychecks from being homeless.  Sadly, today, it’s true.  What can be done to stem that tide?

I’m trying to drive home the point to you all that a job just isn’t enough.  I see families that make little money to those that make a lot.  Our lifestyles seem to expand and contract with what the take home salary is.  I’ll speak in another post about the abysmal savings rate.  Here I am using my soap box to try to shake you out of your stupor.

Have you ever been laid off?  I have.  Several times.  It’s a frightening situation.  All of a sudden you don’t know how you’ll get by, pay your bills… rent…. mortgage…  Unemployment insurance?  A joke.  You can’t live on that.  You can’t even stay sheltered with that.

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So, it’s back to the age old question…. how to generate income from home.  Many people search far and wide for answers to that and never find their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I’m a guy.  An American one.  I say that I’m American because let’s face it this is the internet and anyone from any locale can come upon this post.  American males in my age group tend to find the classic TV show, The Three Stooges, funny.  I love how the Stooges always seem to be looking for work, for odd jobs, and of course they fall into all sorts of hijinks that keep the comedy going.  The men who played the Stooges stayed employed with their comedy, mirroring in some ways their fictional counterparts.

There’s some things about all this.  Then like now, entertainment was a great way to make money, albeit not from home.  Today some people manage to crack the YouTube code and make a living from revenue generated from their video productions, ranging from funny videos to quite sophisticated online television shows, comedy acts, and everything in between.

Most of us end up just going off to a job.  I’ve written about that ad nauseum in other posts and then more posts, etc.

The ways to do that are basically some form of network marketing that utilizes the internet and using purely the internet and internet based tools to set up your entire system from start to finish.  Sound daunting?  It’s not that hard.  I’ll teach you. So let’s get started already!  Partner with me and make the life changing decision now.

But hey for now check this out.




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