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How to Get Money Online

money online
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How to get money online is something that eludes many people.  They search and search but many are leaving out a crucial part of the equation.  That is taking massive action and putting in a lot of work.  If anyone told you that you could go online and make money easily without work or without learning some new skills, then I’m sorry to say that they were being less than honest.  Now it’s not hard work in that you don’t have to break your back doing it, but it’s work.  Hey, would you rather I tell you the truth or tell you what you want to hear?

I can show you how to get money online because there are several ways to do it.

First you have to decide what you are suited for and also how much you want to make.  I’ve said it before though.  I have plenty of articles that deal with great business ideas, so I’m not going to write it all out again here.  Instead, I’m going to go right into the best way that teaches how to get money online.

I know that they’re dirty words in some quarters, folks, but the best and most lucrative way to make money in the online world is affiliate marketing mixed with a network or multi level marketing model.  Don’t believe all that crap about scams because while there are scams out there, I would never recommend one.  I don’t have to because the one I prefer makes lots of affiliates lots of money and they pay out regularly and on time, so they can’t be a anything but for real.

It works like this.  First you sign up as an affiliate and buy one of their products.  You can go in at the $25/month level for the viral kalatu blogging system or buy any one of their higher priced products, or buy all of them.  The only thing that is non commissionable is the $19/month affiliate fee which covers the affiliate membership and the eCommerce merchant account bit. (so the total monthlies for that is $45 – sorry, cost of doing online biz with a hassle free merchant setup)


They pay nice commissions on the products.  The products themselves teach you how to be an internet marketer and the lessons inside are applicable to marketing any business online not just them.

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Of course if you’ve looked at the title of my blog up top you already know who I am promoting.  The Empower Network has been empowering people and teaching them how to get money online for just over two years now, and they are about to go multilingual and international in a big way.  Yes, they are in the process of laying plans to enter the Spanish speaking market with Spanish company sites, and other markets after that.  While it already is an international business and anyone anywhere can join, this will be a BIG boost for the Spanish speaking markets since there is nothing like native language support.  That alone is a reason to get in now, just to recruit Spanish speaking affiliates for that big push. The Spanish speaking affiliates will be the ones to get rich with this new push since that market is essentially untapped.

Okay, so is that all there is for how to get money online?


Sure there are skills.  You should pick up skills like starting a blog and optimizing it for SEO and all that technical things. (which aren’t difficult – you can pick that up quick – especially with my and my group’s help)

What is probably the most important part, and please don’t tune out now because this REALLY IS the most important part, is having a success mindset.

I know I know you’re already rolling your eyes and thinking, “C’mon Tom, don’t get all New Agey with that positive thinking mumbo jumbo.”  It’s all true ya gotta believe me.

Listen up, you’re never going to succeed in how to get money online if you don’t believe that you can make the money online.  If you don’t believe that you can do it or that it’s possible then you will never succeed.  Even Tony Robbins talks about the Reticular Activating System in the brain.  That is how when your mind believes that you can do something then it will do everything it can to prove to you that it is possible.  That’s the short definition anyway.

Dave Wood, one of the cofounders of Empower Network, did network marketing program after network marketing program for years.  He failed at many.  He failed for years until he actually started to believe that he could do it.  Dave made breakthroughs little by little, usually after being confronted by others succeeding where he was failing.  It wasn’t until he saw the proof, right in front of his eyes, of people making money where he wasn’t, until he knew that whatever barrier he hadn’t smashed through yet could be overcome by him. He figured out how to get money online and so can you.

So can anyone.  If they have their eyes and mind and hearts open to it.

This isn’t new age mumbo jumbo.  I cannot prove to you that it works with words all I can tell you is that it works.  I don’t know how it works but it just does.  Maybe it’s some weird quantum mechanical thing, maybe it’s just the power of mind and thought, I don’t know. What I do know from studying people like Dave for years (I’m related to one, my own brother is successful in network marketing, so are friends of mine, and now I am on my way) is that it usually boils down to not taking no for an answer.  Not giving up and also taking massive action on a consistent basis.

Here is your recipe for how to get money online:

Decide that you are going to do it, and leave no room for failure or falling short – no excuses.  Own it.

  1. Find a program that works and really pays out and has a track record of doing so.
  2. Learn how to do this online stuff – EN products and my online material takes care of that.
  3. Take massive action and be consistent – never give up.  Don’t be wishy washy and think like, “I’ll try and and see if this works.” because that doesn’t work and you’ll never put in the commitment that is needed, and it is a commitment.

That’s really it.  Of course a lot gets packed into those three points, but that is basically, as they say, “it”.

If you are willing to put the time and effort into learning how to get money online and the work and persistence needed, then you will eventually succeed.

Just stay positive and learn how to create a blog, how to rank that blog in Google, how to do all of the things that are needed for off page SEO, and of course be patient while this stuff takes hold.

I don’t have the actual numbers handy, but it can take a traditional business several years of operating to turn profitable.  I’m not telling you that the online world works that way, but I am telling you that if entrepreneurs the world over are willing to pour tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars or currency units into a business that “might” be profitable in a few years, then surely you can put the time and the minimal investment into your own online empire.

How to get money online will finally be within your grasp.

I hope to see you on the flip side of my partner page.  Click on “Partner” above in the menu.


how to get money online

This could be you.



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