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Income At Home Scam

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I hear this word “scam” thrown around all over the Internet.  There are many ways that something gets labelled a scam.  One way is if it’s a genuine scam, perpetrated by some criminal element in order to steal something from someone else.  These can be bogus programs, link stealing, social engineering through email or auction sites, where the scammer “phishes” the information from the unwitting victim.  

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1o3HvZGWpg’]

I Would Never Steer You Towards an Income at Home Scam… EVER.

This is usually a bank account or a credit card number.  Other scams involve everything from fake auction sellers to fake auction buyers.  The type of scam that most opportunity seekers fear are the type where the guru presenting it is somehow lying about their income or making it look like it’s easy to promote or that the likelihood of success is high.  This is usually the crossing over point where even a non scam can and does get labelled a scam by a disappointed would be internet marketer.

I am going to tell you the truth.  Lay it on the line.  Tell it like it is.

For ANY and ALL business opportunities, MLM’s, network marketing systems, or whatever, there is WORK involved.  There are techniques and things that you need to know.  There are monthly expenses ranging from domain registration, web hosting, a mailing list service, and other expenses like affiliate membership fees, as well as the eCommerce fees. I laugh when I see so many internet searches that are of the type “internet business no investment” or “online business free”.  Really?  There are people out there who just think they are going to find some easy turnkey operation where with almost no effort or even a modest startup expense, that Maseratis and women in bikinis fall into their laps?  (so okay if you happen to be a woman maybe THAT’s not what you were thinking or hoping for)  There are these people out there.  I am not speaking to them, because they are lazy and won’t get anywhere.  To them everything is an income at home scam and they will never make it in anything except maybe being an employee.

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To some, an income at home scam is lurking around every corner and indeed is every opportunity they are presented with.  I know, I was once one who believed that.  It took me several years in internet marketing to weed through the hype and eventually hook up with people who had an interest in making me succeed, since they succeed more when I succeed.

I can tell you for a fact that I don’t deal with an income at home scam or any other scams.  I am building a business for the future and a team for success.  I am on a larger success team and we all share information and techniques to do things the right way to make us immune from the dreaded Google algorithm changes.  We provide real value for our visitors and convert them into team members.  I want you to succeed with me, because without you I can’t succeed and without me you probably won’t succeed either.  Look around my site.  I am a real person with a real address and a name.  I prefer to be known as the MLM Ninja, although I am in MLM’s and affiliate programs alike.  I don’t care which one cuts me a payment, and since all of the services I recommend are essential to success, why not?  I researched everything out there in order to avoid the income at home scam that you fear, and I came up with a master program that has all of the potential that is says that is provides.  Anyone who labels this as an income at home scam clearly hasn’t done their research or hooked up with a real sponsor who cares.

Let me tell you that there is no success without traffic.  Without SEO (search engine optimization and keyword research) and a plan there is no traffic.  You have to be smart about this.  If you think that you are just going to fly by the seat of your pants and try something, then try something else, then something else, and never FOCUS on what you should be doing, then you will fail, or at least spin your wheels for awhile. I know because that is what I did for awhile.  I also fell back on my regular job, electing to work by day and then take it easy at night since I had a paycheck and benefits.  The problem is that that can only take you so far, and all it takes is a reorganization at work or a boss that sees things differently than you to upset that particular apple cart.

Do you really want to rely on a situation that is mostly out of your control?

Well….. okay…  I sure don’t.  I won’t.

You have to build yourself a dynamic online presence.  Think of it as a property….  a web property.  Your SEO will eventually get you exposure, but there are a few things that can give you a bump in the meantime.  Things like article directories, press releases, social media, classified ads, dropcards, discussion forum posts and signatures (where appropriate and allowed), and emailings once you have a list.

I can say that after investigating so many opportunities online and offline for years, the ONE that totally blew me away, in both the quality of the products, which make you better at internet and network marketing, and the compensation plan, is Empower Network.

I suggest that you join Empower for the blogging platform that is already set up for you, until you get good at making your own, (plus theirs is on their authoritative domain and will be easier for you to rank with and get traffic), and use what you will learn in this site, from me, about keyword research so that you know what people are searching about and what to blog about so that you can drive traffic back to Empower Network and you can get paid for your blogging.

So let’s see.  You have a real company that pays real commissions.  Check.

You have real products that you can buy and sell for 100% commissions. Check.

You actually have to work and put in real effort in order to get paid.  Check.

Well, this sounds like a real profession, not some income at home scam.  Check!

Don’t worry, you’ll have me as well.  So don’t worry about the dreaded income at home scam anymore.  We’re scam busters, and we want to help you succeed because when YOU succeed, WE succeed too.

So take a look around the site but I have some help links above which can show you all about Empower Network and the amazing opportunity it is, both to learn all about internet and network marketing and also for the unbelievable conversion funnel that they provide for the leads that we will teach you how to drive home.  I’m laying out a real way to build something that can be there working for you day in and day out.  This is a real business entity that you are creating here.  You’ll be able to earn income at home and it’s no scam.

Just one final word, you can use the Empower Network concepts to better yourself as a marketer and also to support you regular business in case it’s something other than Empower Network, OR you may want to add Empower to your repertoire of internet marketing programs to work with.  However you want to do it is fine since in your marketing business, YOU are your own boss.

Once you have all of this information you can realize that while there may be an income at home scam out there, this isn’t one of them.



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