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Lawrence Tam Empower Network Superstar

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Lawrence Tam is one of the big money people inside Empower Network.  As of the writing of this article he is in his mid thirties and likes to make much of having been able to RETIRE from mechanical engineering to pursue a life as a highly paid internet marketer.  You see, Lawrence was doing internet marketing for years before Empower Network was formed. He was working full time as an engineer down in Texas where he and his family live, and coming home after work and putting in time on the internet trying to build a second income.

Was he always successful?

Not by a LONG SHOT!

Now, there is hope in there for all of you reading this.  You don’t have to  worry about being an instant or overnight success. Lawrence and any other EN leader will tell you straight out that you shouldn’t expect this at all.  None of them made it overnight so why should anyone else?  They won’t guarantee you success and when you are talking about these big name leaders you won’t even get any personal attention when you sign up with them.  Am I knocking them?  Not at all. Lawrence and other Empower Network leaders are my role models, but let’s be honest. Most newbies or those considering joining something like Empower Network think that they are somehow guaranteed a higher level of success if they join up directly with someone like Lawrence Tam, when in fact the opposite is true.


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Lawrence Tam

Lawrence Tam Retired in His Thirties, So How’d He Do It?

Lawrence Tam is an interesting guy.  I have listened to countless audios and watch probably as many videos of this guy, and he is one fascinating character.  Perhaps I find him so interesting because he came from a similar background.  While I am no engineer, I have worked the corporate technology sector for almost 20 years now.  I am somewhere in the area of ten years older than Lawrence, and I have actually wanted what he has for longer than he even knew what it was.  I dabbled in internet marketing before Empower Network was launched, and made some money, but my experiences were close to Lawrence’s in some ways. Let me say here that I knew when Empower Network launched, but at that time I was so burned out with the hype and broken promises of internet marketers that I didn’t want to deal with another one at that time.  Couple that with the fact that at that time I was going through extensive personal challenges.  I had a marriage fall apart due to my now ex wife taking another partner while we were still married, and I had to leave my residence to move back in with my parents for a time.  I was unemployed and trying to find immediate work because I had lawyer bills from the divorce and ran through my severance pay trying to pay the mortgage while I was still there.  I also had to grapple with the prospect of having to live apart from my young son, and worry what toll all of this was taking on him.  I just didn’t have any mind to build a business at that time. Well, things started to change for the better in that I eventually found a lovely young woman who was willing to take a chance on a guy with all of this baggage, and we started dating as I went through the process of divorce.  I eventually found a good job with so much consulting pay that instead of keeping that internet marketing dream alive, I spent all my time with the job.  Well, it was lots of pay plus overtime, so when I put in 16 hours on the weekend i was making time and a half to almost $100 an hour.  Who could blame me? So, fast forward to a time where I was no longer a consultant, took a 40% pay cut with no overtime since the consulting gig was history, and being flooded out of my rental place from Hurricane Irene, and the conditions of the job changing for the worse…  It was time to seek out a way to increase my pay through alternate means. I know that everyone has a different story.



Lawrence Tam was laid off several times in his short career as a mechanical engineer.  He tells of times when his wife was the only one working and he needed that other income as bad as anyone.  These threads run wide and deep in the modern corporate worker’s psyche. So, to continue telling these stories in parallel… what I failed to mention earlier was that I did join Empower Network at some time after they launched, but due to all of that business that I mentioned above, I couldn’t put the time into it and I didn’t understand how it worked.  I cancelled.  Imagine had I gone with it then when Empower Network was new and certain early bird situations were still intact?  Some of the products were cheaper, it was easier to market on FaceBook, and other things that are just beneficial to being on the ground floor of any growing opportunity.  Is that to say that Empower Network is no longer viable or worth it?  No not at all.  Not by a long shot.  That being said if I stuck with it and understood it then I would be likely where Lawrence Tam is now.  Oh well, life happens for a reason and Lord knows I had reasons why I couldn’t wrap my head around it then.

So Why Won’t Lawrence Tam Give Me One on One Coaching?

Well, it probably has something to do with his level of success.  Lawrence is so mega successful at this point in time… I mean, the guy is making in excess of $100,000. per month, and he’s making it from Empower Network as well as from his own personal success brand.  He has reached the point where he transcends the regular affiliate model and can also market his own success and build his own brand in addition to anything he does with Empower Network.  I’m sure that Lawrence has a really expensive coaching program.  Whether he does or doesn’t, a regular affiliate who signs into his organization will get whatever coaching everyone gets, but it won’t be personal you get to call him ont he phone type of support.  Actually, in network marketing, that type of access to a mentor doesn’t really translate into success.  It’s just a crutch.  You have to learn to succeed on your own to a certain extent.


Let’s face it, folks, he doesn’t have the time to deal with rank newbies and all of their insecurities.  He doesn’t have time to coach people who are so new and don’t even know IF it can work for them yet or even IF they are willing to do what needs to be done to be successful in this model…. am I making sense here? It’s like that with any of the higher ups. Whether Lawrence Tam, or Dave Wood, or Dave Sharpe, or Justin Verrengia, Tracey Walker, or whoever. When anyone reaches a certain level of success their time is better spent making videos and presentations that can help large numbers of people because to do it one on one would limit them and cause them to waste precious time.  Another thing is that in the network marketing world, when people reach a certain level of success, they shift from being a regular doer to someone whose time is better spent motivating their down lines to create more business and that sort of thing. I hope I am making sense here because this is really how it is.  Rank newbies think that joining Empower Network under some superstar will propel them faster when in reality it’s better to get in with an unknown who is a hard worker and can relay strategies that work, whether teaching traffic strategies, lead generation, or any of the many things that any internet marketer has to learn in order to be successful. ANY Empower Network affiliate, whether a big time leader or a new affiliate, can only sell and make direct money on a handful of products or services, and aside from affiliate products that can assist in running this type of business, they are all the same, the Empower Network products.  So, whether it is me, or Lawrence Tam, or someone else, we all offer the SAME opportunity and the same great Empower Network products.

It’s that simple.

I’m happy that when I rejoined I joined under a guy that has no name yet.  He’s really good and makes lots of money, to the tune of over $60K per month and counting.  He is one of the next breakout names who will become an Empower Network celebrity in the coming months.  I’m going to follow in his footsteps.  I know because I have decided that that is exactly what I am going to do.

I have his techniques down and can also extend my signups an invitation to our team private FaceBook group where we discuss all of these website traffic strategies, lead generation, and a host of other things.

So How Did Lawrence Tam Do It?

He did it pretty much the same way that anyone successful in Empower Network has done it.  He joined with EN as an affiliate and got on board and was able to resell the Empower Network products, which incidentally teach many great strategies and techniques that would benefit ANY internet marketer out there, whether they were working primarily on selling the Empower Network opportunity or not.  These products stand on their own. So, Lawrence got good as promoting himself and Empower to a wide audience of opportunity seekers and build an online network marketing organization that pays him tons of money.  He always points out that there is an income disclaimer and that not everyone makes that kind of success, but that if they learn what is needed and can master these techniques, they too can reach lots of people who are EVERY DAY searching for success online.  This is a numbers game, and Lawrence Tam has succeeded in making those numbers work in his favor. What you should notice is that through all of the videos that you get form any of these big name leaders, you rarely get a real blueprint for how to get from A to Z in this business, but there are lots of nuggets in there.  I go for the method of teaching people how to get their business going and off the ground.  I realize that when I got into this I needed to know more than what the leaders were teaching.  Of course I recommend using them as inspiration because there is PLENTY of that in each and every one of their stories.

What I am trying to convey here is to not get caught up in who has the most success or what they make monthly etc.  There are so many people inside Empower Network who are making all kinds of different income levels, but that is to be expected.

There are many who are only in it to make that mortgage payment or car payment.  Some just want to have enough to send the kids to college.

Something interesting that Lawrence Tam talks about in one of his videos is “Finding Your Why”, as in why are you searching for another income.  Why are you looking to make more money?  What is YOUR why?  You need to realize WHY you are searching for this and WHAT you are going to do to get there.  Go around this blog and look around.  I have plenty in the way of not just motivational material or things addressing the WHY, but I also talk a lot about DO-ing.  You have to combine the WHY with the DO in order to make things work.  You also have to  be patient.  It can take a little time for your blogs to rank for certain keyword terms in the search engines, but think about that as your up from building work.  Once you build it out and then you get it running on all cylinders, to use a car metaphor, you can then branch out and take it in several different directions, like Lawrence and the other leaders have.


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