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Pimpin Ain’t Easy

pimpin ain't easy
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If anyone tells you that pimpin ain’t easy, they ain’t yankin yer chain.

It seems that everyone is out to get their pound of flesh.  Take this dude.

sirgiorgio-clardy pimp

He’s a pimp.

He beat and kicked a “John” for not paying his prostitute for her services.

He beat and kicked the guy so bad that he needed stitches and plastic surgery.

Then there is the story of an 18 year old prostitute.  This same pimp beat her so bad that she bled from her ears.

So, he goes to trial and gets sentenced to 100 years for his efforts.

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But THAT’s not all….

He gets arrested and sent to jail and then decides that there should have been a warning on those Nikes that he kicked and beat that guy with.  Nike should have placed a warning so that he would have known not to use them in that fashion.

After all, he didn’t know they were dangerous.  He didn’t realize that you could do some real damage to someone for beating them that bad.

The pimp, Sirgiorgio Clardy, is seeking $100,000,000 – that’s one hundred million dollars in damages, from Nike…. for not placing the warning on the Nike sneakers.

Dr Evil One Hundred Million Dollars

You can’t make this stuff up!

I guess it’s all funny unless you were the unfortunate people who were hurt by this crazy mofo of a pimp.

That all brings up the idea that ALL of this had money at it’s root.  Basically, everyone involved was dealing for money.  The pimp made money with the prostitute.  The prostitute sells herself for money.  The “John” was supposed to pay the money but refused to, so because he didn’t pay it the pimp busted his face.

Because the pimp busted his face over money, he now has a life sentence.

He wants to make the life sentence easier by getting $100 million from Nike.  I figure he thinks if he could win that money, he could get himself a crack legal team and buy his freedom.

He might be onto something…

Money IS freedom.

money is freedom

Money provides the freedom to do what you want in life on your own terms.  That crazy pimp knows that, and deep down so do you.

So, instead of doing all manner of shady, illegal, or violent things to get that money, why not educated yourself and learn the ropes of a new trade?

It’s better than pimpin because as long as you follow the rules and are up front with people, you’re all legal.

Isn’t it better making bank while teaching others how to cut their own slice of freedom?

So many people out there are hustling, but what are they hustling for?  Freedom.  It’s for money but ultimately it’s for the freedom that money brings.  Everyone wants to ultimately do their own thing on their own terms, and only an abundance of money provides that.  With money, you can grease the wheels and life rolls so much easier when you’re driving greased lighting.

greased lightningI love these pop culture references, don’t you?

The bottom line here is that had that pimp found an honest way to make a buck, he wouldn’t have had to beat up people to the point where he had to give up his freedom.

Let’s face it, he’s not going to win that lawsuit.  It’ll get thrown out and he’s gonna be doin the butt bongo fiesta in jail for the rest of his life.

Was it worth it?

I doubt it.

Do yourself a favor, get in business and earn that money by helping others realize their dreams.

Now THAT’s the path to freedom… baby.


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  • Sue Abdilla January 15, 2014, 4:54 pm

    Nice post Tom – love the perspective!

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