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Power Lead System Products Just Too Good to Pass Up

power lead system products
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More and more marketers, as well as those who are just members of online internet and network marketing companies, are learning that they need to get traffic and leads in order to turn these opportunities into profitable ventures.

This is the marketing system that I have used to build an email list of over 5000.

With it, you can build lead capture pages, you get an email autoresponder for automated email followup series, you get the ability to share sales funnels with team members and they can simply plug in their own affiliate links (great for MLM down lines selling the same systems), it’s a lucrative business opportunity at the same time, comes with lower level free and low cost entry for less affluent business builders, lead magnet funnel, AND it even contains a WordPress powered hosted blog solution that you can use.

But how is this possible?

Read on.

Enter the Power Lead System products suite.

The uniqueness of the Power Lead System (also known as PLS) is that the fact that as a customer you can use the system to generate targeted traffic and leads for virtually any business.

Successful internet marketer Neil Guess is the founder of PLS. His partner is a home business and internet marketing king, Jeff Mills. The Power Lead System was born of this partnership.

The Power Lead System products not only teach their users how to profit handsomely selling anything online, but as an affiliate marketing each product, your commissions can grow exponentially.

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The products list is below. I just wanted to say first that you can go for the GOLD level and combine that with some other novel programs to market a funnel that in itself has changed lives. That’s the YBR System found here.

Okay, read on for PLS details.


Power Lead System Products List

Free Lead System Forever: Build your list of leads for any endeavor or business venture. No commissions, but you’re building your list of leads for free. There’s massive value in that.

Lead Lightning: A basic marketing system with a full sales funnel included to up-sell products. There’s a one time fee $7 – Commissions 85% up to $526. The commissions on each $7 sales are $6. That’s pretty darn good.

Silver: Upgrade from Lead Lightning with training and courses to learn how to market. $29.97/Month. Residual Commissions $15/monthly and residual commissions unlimited levels deep.

Gold: The most complete marketing system on the internet. A center to market as many businesses as you want, with a leveraged commission system. $30/mo for the system plus $23.97 for the affiliate program. (Includes all the above products)

In the Gold level, there are full e-mail campaigns included. If you decided on using an e-mail auto-responding system such as Aweber, you could easily end up paying $60 to $300 dollars per month for a limited number of e-mail contacts within your system. You are also not able to earn any real commissions for referring the products to others. They have an affiliate program but it’s not that great. I’m in it, but that’s another story. Some people want the flexibility of a separate autoresponder, but it’s not 100% necessary, and Power Lead System saves you this expense. As a gold member of PLS, $30 of your $53.97 monthly fee goes to the marketing platform, which includes the PLS e-mail campaigns!! You are also getting a whopping 30,000 e-mail list capacity every month, for the basic fee.

At the Power Lead System Gold level, you also get the blogging capability with the PLS blog platform. called the Power Blog System. (rolled out early 2017) That alone is worth more than the entire Gold level monthly pricing. (Internet Domain registration extra, as it always is with ANY system, but you can map the blog to an existing PLS connected domain, so if you are already using a domain.com for your PLS, you can easily create any subdomain for that domain and attach it to the blog, like blog.domain.com, as an example) The Power Blog System seems to be WordPress based and pretty friendly, with several ready to go themes and mobile rendering capability.

Also, as a gold member with PLS, the commissions that you earn are $20 dollars as a monthly residual, plus a 50% matching bonus on all gold products!

Included within the Gold level, you get the following killer training systems: The Master Traffic Academy and Max Steingart’s Endless Free Leads 2.0 If you purchased them apart, sold separately, they are several hundred dollars!

Gold Customer Only level: This is Gold without the affiliate addition for those who just want to use the Power Lead system for any business and even for their own clients. $30/mo ($1 per day)

Diamond: To purchase this level, you have to already be a Gold member. Learn about solo ads and co-ops up to thousands of dollars without spending more money. This is a $147 one time purchase. Commissions are $100 and overrides are $25.

Of the Power Lead System Products, the PLS Diamond Membership has been huge and well received addition to the system. What makes it so good is that it teaches something that is very rare when it comes to internet marketing. It teaches Co-op marketing. Basically ,ways to get lots of paid advertising done using low-cost and at times free methods. I also have creative methods to add to this, so with me you get even more.

Platinum: To purchase this level, you have to already be a Gold member. Facebook marketing is the staple concept, and a large video library of case studies. This is the most profitable of the Power Lead System products. The Platinum Membership is also known as the Social Profit Academy. It was created by internet marketing guru and 7-figure earner, Jeff Mills.

In Jeff’s course you will get the most information intensive and easy to follow step-by-step blue-print of how to make money using Facebook advertising. Sell everything and anything from t-shirts and other clothing, to make money online affiliate products.

This is a $497 one time purchase. Commissions are $400 and overrides are $50.

If you came in under Lead Lightning and wanted to expand to include all the facets mentioned, your total expenditure would in excess of $600, but the monthly fees would just be on the Gold and the affiliate, so that’s roughly $55 per month recurring.

So yeah that’s great, but can you actually make money using and sharing that?

I personally know people who make mega full time wealthy livings getting paid many thousands of dollars every week from their Power Lead System businesses. I have a debit card for Paylution that contains my commissions, and new ones get added as I earn them, to this Paylution VISA card.

Your success can happen.

It basically comes down to how many people online you can share this with.

You can make nothing, a little, a lot, or a whole lot. It all depends on YOU.

But, I throw in some extra value that can get you going faster too.

If you’d like more information regarding the Power Lead System and how we roll it into a super marketing steamroller, just come on in and take a look around.

Our marketing group is making this rock, so join us and get started on the path to online business success.

The Power Lead System Compensation Plan post is also being built.


Let’s talk a bit:


A visual on the compensation plan:


power lead system compensation plan

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