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Start Your Own Business Ideas

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Start your own business ideas are all over the internet today.

Guess what?  It’s all bunk.  Really, it is…

Want to know why?

Because, my friends, none…. NONE of that stuff is going to make you a dime that you can use.  The income is so small and the effort so great that you’re lucky if you break even. You probably won’t break even, but I’m just sayin… if ya do… you’ll be lucky.

Start Your Own Business Ideas Make Me Cynical

Why?  Because they are written by all of these intellectual types who like to go on about balance sheets and ledgers, and business plans, and physical plants… or in the case of small businesses, trading your time on a one to one basis for some good or service.  It’s like that’s all the so called “legitimate” business world and “legitimate” bloggers can write about without being kicked out of the sensible blogger club.  How can you list various start your own business ideas without mentioning where the real opportunity is?

Regular start your own business ideas are all bullcrap, my friends.  Change it around a bit. Your own business ideas start revolutions!  Yes!  You can do this quietly at your own computer without actually starting a company.

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If you came here searching for a listing of various business types in order to help with your decision making or research, then I have just what you are searching for in my article about which is the best business start up ideas.  So that article can also help you with brainstorming about start your own business ideas and I hope that it’s useful.  If you want to navigate through dry scholarly tomes on how to start a business, you can always go that route.  I try to be a bit more useful on my blog.

start your own business ideas

Now listen up.  I’m all for honesty and integrity.  I’m all for having a real product and service to render to the customers.  I’m just more into the kind that scales up and pays residual income and passive income 24/7, can be totally automated, doesn’t include me shipping products, and concentrates more on team building more than running some mom and pop shop.

What I am saying, straight up, and you can hit that back button if you don’t want to hear the truth, is that the future is MLM style “over the internet” so you better get in now while you still can make a name for yourself easy enough.

Forget about all of the normal your labor for their money start your own business ideas that all of these nine to fiver people are spouting off.  It just makes them feel more important about their own trendy web jobs.  I see them all the time sipping lattes in NYC Starbucks.  Own your business ideas to start blogging with the Empower Network viral blogging platform.  Just blog away and create all of that search engine drawing content that people are searching for.

I’m talking about the greatest MLM style opportunity out there, and that is, as mentioned above, Empower Network.  Empower Network is the best paying, IMO, opportunity out there and the best chance anyone who applies themselves has at producing a real long term residual income from home.  You can literally set yourself up for life with this type of thing.  the only start your own business ideas that work are the start your own independent agent of another company who pays you 100% commissions and residuals ideas….

Now is this just fluff?  Hell no!  I have already written in detail about the empower network compensation plan, which includes a nice video to spell it out.

I wrote a nice overview of what it takes to make your own home rolled blog.  You can of course go with the supplied Empower Network blog if you want.

I use both myself.

Own your business ideas, own your own web presence, and start blogging and getting paid the Empower Network way.

It’s not hard.  It just takes consistency and determination, and never giving up.

So if you create your own blog like I did, use both blogs.  Waste not, want not….  be patient with your business.  Work it every day but consistently until it bears fruit.  The more time you waste on weighing all of the minutiae of the various start your own business ideas that exist, the less time that you are spending going for the gold.  Of course you have to know what direction you want to head in, but at some point you have to get moving.

I’ve even addressed the little people who can’t fathom tens of thousands of dollars a month income so proclaim anything of the sort an Empower Network scam.  Not so, my friends.

Not so my bothers and sisters…

The only thing left for you to do is to partner with me and my blogging alliance where we COOPERATIVELY share strategy and SEO to learn to DOMINATE Google and get free traffic to the blogs and into the Empower Network sales funnel.  I have extra strategies that will get your blog indexed and seen faster.  There are many ways.  They aren’t hard and you can set them up over a few lazy Saturdays or weekends.

Get that stuff on autopilot and then you just blog when you want.

Or…. you can just rely on your regular employment.

So how’s that 9-5 job working out for ya?


L8R…  Join me.



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