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What Jim from American Pie Taught Us About Perseverance Determination and Likelihood of Success

perseverance determination and likelihood of success Jim Levenstein
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Okay well this is a tall order.

What does the main protagonist from a raunchy humor movie franchise have to do with any of this?

My answer?

Anything that a creative writer such as myself can make of it.

I do it ALL!

Jim Emmanuel Levenstein was the main character in the America Pie movie franchise, and he and his buddies were on a never ending quest to defeat nerdism and explore the world of carnal knowledge.

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That’s putting it kindly.

Hey, it IS a raunchy humor series and if you can’t handle that, don’t watch.

But one thing about Jim from American Pie, he was persistent.

He was very single minded in his quest to get some.

Jim creatively moved from such self pleasure aids as a gym sock, to a freshly baked apple pie, to pursuing Nadia in the first two movies, and right under his nose was the girl he would eventually really hit it off with.

In case there’s anyone who didn’t see the movies, I don’t want to totally spoil it, but I can say that Jim taught us a lot about perseverance, determination, and likelihood of success in finding his particular form of happiness.

Isn’t THAT what it’s all about, people?

This is a marketing and blogging blog, so happiness for the people I want to attract is usually success in the form of more website visitors who turn into leads and sales in the internet affiliate marketing industry, but whether you are an affiliate marketing blogger, a network marketer, a real estate sales rep, or ANYONE, you can learn that perseverance, determination, and likelihood of success all go hand in hand.

It’s THOSE people who single mindedly and doggedly pursue their goals, NO MATTER what others in their life say to try to discourage them, who will ultimately taste the nectar of the fruit of their ultimate success when they reach their goals, master their destiny, and create the life that they really want, or create the conditions that allow the life they want to flourish.


I’m in pursuit of financial freedom and the fun and carefree life that goes hand in hand with multiple streams of income paying on all cylinders.

Broke people generally are NOT happy people.

Not all rich people are happy, but those who have the freedom that abundance allows, have a higher incidence of happiness.

That’s what I believe and what I have experienced with all sorts of people whom I have met in my life. The ones who are in good financial straits are generally happier, and the ones who struggle, are usually worried, stressed, and angry.

So, Jim Levenstein showed us that pursuit of his goals with perseverance and determination increased his ultimate likelihood of success, because he ultimately succeeded.

If you give up or sell yourself short, you’ll have nothing but regret, and if you buy the excuses that your ego likes to feed you , then you’ll just fail, feeding the ego that wanted you to fail.

You need to get in touch with your higher self and cosmic link to abundance if you are going to tap into that limitless well of optimism and joy that will provide the path into the freedom you seek.

It will provide the “chance” meetings with the “right” people, and that they “show up” right when you need them.

The conditions for success will appear as the atoms and energy align to mold your reality to how the deep mind thinks it into existence.

I know it sounds a little pie in the sky, but if you are stubborn and never lose sight of the prize, it will come more and more into focus into your reality, and Jim Levenstein KNEW that.  He never gave up on perseverance, determination, and likelihood of success that that provided to him.

So, look at the glass half full, be positive, be joyful, thankful, and grateful for you life and all that you have so that your cup will overflow, because dwelling on what you don’t have and why you are not grateful for what you have will cause the experience of abundance to stop in its tracks.

Take a page out of the Jim Levenstein book on the pursuit of joy through  perseverance, determination, and then bask in the likelihood of success that that brings with it.

I will close with a hilarious clip of Jim going for some pleasure and just marvel at how this character doesn’t let anything stand in the way of what he’s out to get at any moment in time.

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