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Approved Resources for Affiliate Marketing Tools

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On this page I will list some resources, or affiliate marketing tools, that you will need if you want to create a successful site or blog.  These tools are non negotiable since you need everything just in order to do what it is that we do.  If you obtain all of these services and then use them to help you create your web property (site), then you can’t help but be on the superhighway to success.

I’ve written about affiliate marketing tools in regular posts, but I’ve decided to make a page dedicated to these things so that it’s easier to find and I can reiterate how important these things are to your future success. I use all of these services and have for years. I wouldn’t recommend anything that hasn’t served me well.

I may get paid if you get these affiliate marketing tools through my links, but you will not pay more than if you get them directly from the companies. You might actually pay less from me, since they like to support their affiliates and not undermine them.


SEO Toolbox

market samurai









Keyword Research Tool

Before you even buy a domain name for your site, you should consider what niche you intend to service with your information and your message. Many times, you will want the keyword that you need to rank for in your domain name, since exact matching a keyword in your domain name is many times desirable. You may not need that, but you will need to know what keywords you are after in order to show up in the pertinent searches that your niche searches on. What I am saying here is that keywords matter and if you aren’t researching the terms that you want to be found with, and also knowing how many average searches are performed each month for those keywords, then you may as well not even start. That’s right, hang it up now, hombre, and go home. Watch cartoons. Do anything but pursue this business because you’ll just be wasting your time.

I recommend a dependable tool called Market Samurai for this important task. It’s a pay once piece of software that is updated constantly and is cross platform Mac or Windows.  Many tools today require a monthly subscription fee, and they don’t offer any more real benefit than Market Samurai. That’s actually an understatement.  Market Samurai also comes with full written and video training. So, this is an economical way to get your keyword research squared away so that you can get started.









Domain Name Registration

Once you have some direction, you are going to need a place to register your domain name or domain names. I use Namecheap for this because they are stable, reliable, and they just work. They have great help online and it’s easy to connect your domains to your web hosting service which i mention below. Use Namecheap for your dependable domain name registration needs. I use them for years now with no issues, and I own LOTS of domains with them.

Look in the next section because you can even register a domain through the web hosting service.









Web Hosting Service

There are lots of web hosting services out there, and I recommend a few, but you honestly can’t go wrong with Blue Host. Check them out. You can get started for less than $3 for hosting and WordPress is a simple install.

Blog Themes

Hand in hand with hosting goes theming your blog. Themes give it a unique and attractive style that says YOU. Get a decent theme. Invest in the bare minimum to stand out from the crowd, okay? It’s money well spent, and doesn’t cost much.

Syndication Services

This one here is a little more controversial. You don’t absolutely need it like you need the above services, but if you want to get the word out about your content then you will needs to have a mechanism, hopefully somewhat automated, for getting your new pages, posts, and content out there so that real people can see and consume it. This can lead to a flurry of social signals and sharing that can make something go viral. At the very least it can help get your stuff some needed exposure. This goes hand in hand with your regular on page SEO and off page SEO efforts. Remember, all of this stuff has a cumulative synergistic effect, so I am providing you with some things that can help you on your way. Instead of placing barely contextual links here, I would rather send you to a post that was dedicated to the task if introducing you to the syndication methods that many use to get the word out on their content. There’s also Slideshare.


getresponse aweber





Email Autoresponder

If you feel the need for a stand alone email autoresponder that integrates with many other systems, then Getresponse will work for you. There’s also Aweber, which is also the other big name, but you can use either as they both integrate with other services. Check them out and see which will work best for you.


power lead system










Marketing Leads System with Sales Funnel Creation

This is really special stuff here. If you want to have the ability to create winning lead capture pages and sakes funnels, and have the email autoresponder bundled in, then the Power Lead System is for you. They even have a blog system integrated, have the ability for you to create a funnel and share it with team members and down line affiliates if you’re a network marketer, AND it’s a residual income system since your referrals pay you monthly as they renew their own services. Full training and members’ Facebook group too!


ers admin









Affiliate Cloaking Script

If you have your own hosting and domain, you can cloak your affiliate links with this tool. It can let you create professional neat links rather than sloppy looking affiliate links. It’s a no brainer for nearly every affiliate marketer and affiliate blogger.