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Empower Blogging System

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I always thought that blogging was something only nerdy niche people could succeed at, and by succeed I only mean one of these “discussion only” blogs that are popular and cool but make no money for their authors.  They are great and provide awesome information, but it’s a shame that their authors may not get much reward other than knowing it’s a job well done and providing great content.
With this blog, I target the income opportunity space, LOL, as if you didn’t know that by looking around. It’s all for real though.  This is all serious stuff and I mean every word.

What is the Empower Blogging System about, Tom?

This Empower Blogging System can be pursued two ways, but basically they sell a blogging system that is essentially an Empower hosted blog system that you can start using the same day.  You don’t have to worry about setting it up yourself or hosting it, it’s within the Empower Network high authority ranking domain… and they rank pretty well in Google, folks.

You want your blog to rank in Google but there are some strategies so that you tilt the odds in your favor. You need Google and internet searchers to find you and get exposed to Empower Network – the products, and the opportunity.

WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting

The Empower Blogging system provides you a tricked out Empower monetized and hosted blog that you post your own authored articles to. Look around my site for the whole picture on blogging, but the Empower hosted one has pages, headers, and sidebars that are ready to tell your visitors about Empower Network if they choose to click on them.  The ads are very skillfully presented and BEG anyone with an ounce of curiosity to click on them and find out about EN and how it can change their life.

So anyway, my mentor recommends the “own hosted” method of hosting your own blog, which I mostly follow, but when ENv2 launches this will be easier for anyone, but don’t delay starting because switch-over will be automatic for existing members.  Anyway, ENv2 will allow members to use the Empower Blogging System on Empower Network AND use their own domain name with that blog in case they don’t want to have their domain as www.empowernetwork.com/your_blog_name vs www.yourblogname.com

There are two thoughts on the above.  One is that if you use the Empower Network domain name you inherit their domain authority and ranking, to an extent.  Others will want their own “personality” or “brand name”.  There are thoughts on both and both options have their champions.  I personally think that having your own blog is the best overall choice, but since I got in before that setup and I know how to make my own hosted blogs easily – after all, folks, I have other blogs and I own around 30 domain names and various other non blog websites, so it’s “no big thang” for me to do this.  The great news is that it’s not that hard for ANYONE to learn the tricks of this trade and if you partner with me then you’ll be in great company.  Between me and my fabulously successful sponsor, and our blogging SEO alliance, you’ll be MORE than covered.

So you should choose a niche of people who you will target, people who are searching for this. The best part is you’re not trying to “sell” to family and friends and people who want no part of bettering their lives or lot in life.

Another great thing is that you’re actually rescuing fellow internet marketers and network marketers from mediocre opportunities that are literally a dime a dozen. They’re everywhere and thank God for them as competition and variety is great but IMO nothing can really compare to the Empower Network for the sheer power and quality of the products and the ethics of the top people.  I’ll hit that in another post but really if Empower Network came onto your radar consider yourself lucky.

If you join and then join the Inner Circle you’ll know what I mean, being able to listen to and hear the stories of the most successful Empower Network gurus and their varied ways.  That alone is worth what it costs.

So, you get to blog to target searchers and share all sorts of valuable and inspirational stuff with them and build a team. There is a mutual support system in place and if you partner with me you’ll get access to some real heavy hitters.

The Empower Blogging System has some customization built in, it’s easy to use, offers some keyword density coaching, and has professional Empower Network marketing voodoo built in to increase your chances of success.  Of course success isn’t guaranteed but it wasn’t guaranteed for anyone, even the top earners. They just did it, like I’m just doing it, and like you will just do it…. if you truly want real success.

So get with niche blogging and start turning your life around with the Empower Blogging System.


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