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Empower Network Complaints Amuse Me

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Empower Network complaints are something that you can find all over the Internet, just like complaints about every other business opportunity.  Do you know what else that you can find all over the Internet?  You find Bigfoot sightings, UFO sightings, and everything from “Moon Hoax” sites to stories about the “Flat Earth Society”.

What does this prove?

That there are a LOT of crazy motherf***ers on the Internet.

Empower Network Complaints….. Really?

Yes, Really.

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Whenever you have a world class system that is producing young, middle aged, and older millionaires, you are bound to have complaints when not everyone succeeds with it.  That’s just the way things are.

No system or program can guarantee results.

Even if they can prove that they have paid out over $60 million in commissions so far, they can’t prove that everyone has made money.  …because not everyone has.   It’s illegal to guarantee that and Empower Network takes compliance VERY seriously.  They have lawyers and they put disclaimers all over the place and encourage affiliates to do the same thing.

No one can accuse Empower Network of being lax in that area.

The facts are that people do quit.  People get lazy, people get frustrated, people get impatient, people get… people get… people get… (insert adjective in each one)

So, you’re going to get complaints about Empower Network.


empower network complaints

Whenever someone fails at something they feel badly about it.  They see all of these photos of people holding up big checks and getting big paydays so of course after awhile they feel entitled to the same.  Well, they might have a right to feel that way if they break their ass trying to get there and don’t succeed, but even then they just have to keep trying new things and plugging away until success comes… and success should come if you keep at it, eventually, sooner or later.

It is my opinion that Empower Network complaints are really nothing more than the very human trait of not wanting to take responsibilities for one’s failure or shortcoming, or inability to master something that other people have mastered.  They convince themselves that it’s not their fault and that there must be other forces at play.  (sarcasm coming) The scores of people who never knew anyone in Empower before joining but became successful after joining MUST be lying about it or there MUST only be a few people making money or they MUST be personal compadres of the Daves.  It must be the fault of the products, or maybe the 100% compensation plan must be to blame.  After all, it HAS to be something!

It really gets silly, doesn’t it?

How can a company that is international in scope and has paid out over $60 million in commissions be conducting some conspiracy theory worthy trick scam on everyone?  The answer is that they are not.

Use your heads, people.

Empower Network complaints are just people looking to shift blame from themselves and onto Empower Network for anyone who will listen, because if they can convince people of this then they have succeeded in NOT being a failure, even though they in reality, failed.

This whole thing gets silly after awhile.  Complaints about Empower Network are a dime a dozen, and so are the similar complaints about every MLM, network marketing system, or any other company that operates a similar independent contractor affiliate type of commissionable system.

When you are tired of all of the excuses, and come to the conclusion based on LOGIC and COMMON SENSE that there is no conspiracy, that the company is legitimate, that they really do pay out and can prove that, and that they are compliant with the law and have legal representation that directs the compliance within the law, then you can be confident that joining under a team that has a plan and strategies for success is the way to go.

Partner with me and let’s be productive inside Empower Network, not for anyone but for ourselves and our families.


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