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Empower Network, Does it Work?

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There are many people out there researching various network marketing opportunities like the Empower Network. Many of these people are just doing their due diligence to avoid being taken by various scams.  It is almost second nature these days to question, analyze, and dissect almost everything.  I plan on making this a regular type of topic but here I will look at both suspicions about Empower Network as well as the general skepticism that can keep you from succeeding.

Okay, so you are skeptical of all of this network marketing hullabaloo.  Well, it’s generally good to be skeptical and not gullible.  You have to be careful not to take it too far.  I know that you don’t know me, and hey look, I am an Empower Network affiliate so you can discount all that I say if you want, but I also slice, dice, and analyze things too.  There are hundreds, if not thousands, of network marketing style programs and companies out there. It’s mind boggling.

Let me tell you something about network marketing.

Network marketing is a real industry, a real business model, and it is totally legitimate.  You can find crooked companies, but the actual business model is sound as a Pound, baby. Oh behaaave! (Austin Powers reference)

I have a lot of exposure to network marketing from a young age. I have been exposed to it longer than many of these gurus have been.  I knew what network marketing was before Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe of Empower Network ever knew what it was.

Let me explain.

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Case Study 1:  Network Marketing Financial Services

WAY back in the early 1990’s, my brother met some guy who was into a network marketing gig called A.L. Williams.  It was an insurance deal.  They bucked the traditional life insurance industry and shunned the usual Whole Life and Universal Life policies.  They didn’t just shun them but they called them a ripoff and made lethal enemies of the popular insurance companies like Prudential and Met Life, among the rest.  They had an angle where instead of buying expensive Whole Life, they would offer much cheaper Term Life policies and then encourage their customers to “invest the difference” into mutual funds which sought a higher rate of return than anything you could get in some Whole Life Policy’s cash investment portion.  I don’t want to go much deeper into that, but suffice to say that my brother is still with that company, which today is called Primerica Financial Services, owned by the Traveler’s Group and eventually merged with Citigroup.  He has an office and still builds that organization under him.  He makes a great living.  He has a large house, a few cars, and a Harley Davidson motorcycle, a wife, and three children.  He has never worked a traditional 9-5 corporate job.  He has his insurance and securities licenses, and he started out convincing people to switch from the other companies to his plans over their kitchen tables nights and weekends.  He would recruit other reps who would work this part time after their regular jobs and run through all family and friends looking for customers and recruits.  I too was interested in this back then, but I don’t have an “in person” sales personality like he does, and just couldn’t do it.

Key Point

I couldn’t do that kind of program.  It didn’t suit me.  Do I go around saying that it doesn’t work or is a scam?  I can’t.  I see proof that it DOES work for the right person.  It works really well for many people who live in large homes and drive fancy cars living off the residual income that their organizations bring in.  So remember that.  Just because it doesn’t work for you or you can’t work something doesn’t mean that whatever it is doesn’t work or isn’t doable.

Case Study 2: Network Marketing Health and Beauty Aids

Who hasn’t heard of companies like Avon and Mary Kay Cosmetics?  These are famous network marketing model beauty aids companies.  There are many in this space.  Some focus on diet and weight loss.  I am keenly aware of another one that has health and beauty aids as well as nutritional products.  Ever hear of Arbonne International?  They’ve been around for almost 40 years.  They are another company where you pay a small yearly fee to be an affiliate and then you can recruit other affiliates and sell the products.  You build an organization under you and get a piece of the action from the business generated within that organization.  Does it work?  It works very well for many.  There are people making great livings with that and driving Mercedes cars that are paid for by the company.  At a certain level the company pays the lease payments.  Also at a certain level the organization the member builds is actually will-able to a beneficiary in the event of the affiliate’s demise. How do I know all this?  I know a guy personally where he and his wife work for this company and earn a great living, travel, and both have company paid for Mercedes autos. Yet, many people fail at it yearly and you can search for terms like “Arbonne scam” all over the internet.

Why is is that people who fail at something tend to call it a scam and feel the need to warn or “rescue” others from falling into some trap, when there is evidence all around that these programs are legitimate and really work for those who know how to work them?

Human nature.  We hate facing our own inadequacies and need a fall guy.  It’s as simple as that.

empower network

Case Study 3: Empower Network

Empower Network is an online network marketing style company that sells a blogging system for $25/month and offers higher priced Internet Marketing products that teach people how to become effective internet marketers.  They teach the trade of internet marketing.  These products reprogram you to think like an internet marketer, and you can use this knowledge not to just be an Empower Network affiliate, but an affiliate for lots of other products and services too.  So, you can earn commissions on people who join EN and buy the EN products, and you can at the same time be a kick ass affiliate for other companies and products.

The sky is the limit, and Empower network WANTS you to do this. There’s no exclusivity here!

empower network


This Empower Network program is legal and it works. Empower Network plasters their income disclaimers everywhere stating point blank that large income claims are true but not typical, yet you still have lots of skeptics and failed affiliates out there who insist on blaming everyone but themselves for failing at it.  There are skeptics who just don’t believe that it is possible to earn $10,000-$100,000++ per month doing anything legal, and others who just believe that any form of network marketing is somehow inherently dishonest and “scummy”.  I guess that is their right to believe what they want, but to me there is nothing wrong with making money selling stuff, whether tangible product or knowledge product. Schools and Universities sell learning.  Online Universities and publishers sell knowledge in the form of courses and books.  When Empower Network does it with a network marketing gig attached it’s somehow a pyramid scheme?  Get real!

empower network

How do I know it’s real?  When I came into Empower Network I saw right in front of my face my sponsor’s commissions listings over and over to the tune of $40,000 per month and growing all the time.  He sponsors like a machine with great internet conversions and it really works. People fail at it for various reasons but you know what?  The ones who believe it’s possible and probable for them are most likely to succeed, which brings me to another topic that the true realist analytical skeptics will reject at their own financial peril, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

Belief is a Big Part of Reality

Whether there is something about the nature of physical reality that science is not yet aware of or not, many people’s real experiences dictate that if you believe that something is possible then it becomes achievable.  History is full of examples of events that happened only when people realized something was possible after some brave soul challenged popular belief and smashed through some barrier.  Whether it was proving the Earth is round or running the 1 minute mile, or even breaking the sound barrier, there were many things once thought impossible that are now common knowledge.

Humans are amazing creatures and we just make things work.  The biggest skeptics end up being the biggest losers.  Sure you can do some due diligence to make sure something is on the up and up, but those who go through life with blinders on choosing (yes, choosing) to believe that there is no way to make $50,000. per month part time from the internet, for example, are the ones who damn themselves to working for a pathetic wage for the rest of their lives.

I have an uncle.  He is a good man, but I recall something he said once at a family party when he was having a discussion with someone.  He was speaking from his experience and to this day when I replay it in my mind’s eye it is one of the most depressing things that I have ever heard.  He was telling someone that, “Work is work.  It’t not fun.  No one likes to do it.  It’s not supposed to be fun.  That is why it’s called WORK.”  Well, here is a man who is very intelligent but he passed on his gifts and chose to work in a manual job for his entire career.  Now I don’t blame him fully because in his generation he didn’t have the massive leverage of the modern internet.  He isn’t a sales personality so he probably would have failed at a traditional offline network marketing gig like Amway or what have you.

Empower Network, folks.  It’s real.

Empower Network was created to lift people out of the rut of grinding away at a job or a traditional network marketing gig.  The founders of Empower Network worked many of those systems before venturing into internet marketing and they failed many times.  They succeeded many times too.  They chronicle this stuff online and also in the Inner Circle audios product level. The whole name, Empower Network, was named for empowering people to succeed.  Believe what you want.  I know that many of you will chuckle and say, “This guy is so gullible believing that crap about these guys doing this for other people while they get rich.”  Well, it’s not only them who got rich and who are getting richer every day.

Empower Network just relaunched their entry level product with an upgraded blogging platform nicknamed Kalatu which adds mobile app access.  They have already announced plans to take the system international.  While anyone anywhere CAN join the Empower Network now, they plan on making their websites international with language support for the sites and products which will enable true international growth.  Can you imagine what will happen to the networks of people who are already in Empower Network when they bring in people from these countries?

Spanish speaking countries are the first new target markets.

That’s Empower Network en Espanol.

The great thing about Empower Network is that you are not actually selling.  There are no cold calls or meeting people over their kitchen table. It’s all through the Internet.

What’s better for you if you partner with me is that I can show you how to do this and you also have access to my super money mentor’s group on FaceBook where you can learn tons of guerrilla blogging tricks.

Empower Network is growing even more than it has in the last two years.  Future growth will dwarf past growth, and the ride is just starting, for those who get in and make the commitment.

Don’t be left behind, baby…

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