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Power Blogging Resources

Power Blogging Resources
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These Resources are Linked throughout the site postings but I will list them here for easy access.

This page gets updated as needed, and it is an “evergreen” resource.

If you want to learn the skills that you’ll need to get your blog started and then going places once you start building it, then get with the program and learn some of these crucial steps.

This page will grow over time so always consider it a work in progress and never totally complete.  So, if you see something obvious that is missing, I just haven’t gotten to it yet.

Creating and Building Up Your Blog

There are several crucial things that must be done in order to create a blog and get it into the search engine results pages.  Here are several of those.

Marketing Your Blog

While the blog syndication and back links topic can be considered marketing, it is so important for blog construction and SEO that I put it in that section.  The following points can be classified as ways to market your business, whether you are sending the traffic to your blog or directly to some affiliate offer or squeeze page.

Necessary Blogging Tools

These tools are necessary to build and maintain a real world blog. Get them. Ignore at your own peril!

The Crown Jewels

Go to the Traffic Page to learn about the entire soup to nuts guide to internet marketing tools, process, and traffic generation.

My Other Blog – ipBlogging.com

Check out this article at my other blog about setting up your Bluehost hosting and then WordPress. It’s pretty good.