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Paid Traffic, Free Traffic, Low Entry Barrier (Almost Free) Traffic…

Before we get to the traffic part, read this entire page several times and realize I’m laying out an online success plan for you. If you’re going to go anywhere successfully, you NEED to pay attention and follow the advice and links on this page.


Paid traffic, “coop traffic”, “safe list”, or “traffic exchange” traffic are things that really can level the playing field for new marketers. Of course you need to (in some cases) have a budget, but without mature domains with authority, active blogs, or a large and responsive social media following, it’s about the only way for the new affiliate or internet marketer to get exposure, on demand, from hundreds or thousands of new prospects.  Even the successful gurus use combinations of these methods and actively teach it to their teams in order to lift everyone up.

See me scroll through emails on my phone? This is what it’s like when you are running a traffic campaign. Leads are constant!

Everything on this page is a proven method that works, if you actually join and work it.

The whole idea is that there is an entire traffic business out there in which the people who know and run that business know how to get the email addresses, very fresh ones, of people who have been actively searching for whatever niche you are working in. You want good traffic sources with fresh leads. You don’t want stale lists.

Most of the links below open a new browser window or tab so be mindful of that in case your browser is set to not allow that.


Paid Traffic Wins But You Need an Online Headquarters

I use many sources for paid clicks, and so should you. No matter how many of these tell you that they’re the best, the bottom line is that variety is the spice of life, so you should spice up your clicks by buying from many sources. Mix it up.

As with any traffic source or traffic order, you may or may not get signups from the email campaign alone.

Traffic Getting Supporting Tools (You Need These to be in Online Business)

If you don’t have these, don’t buy paid traffic until you do. Period. You can most certainly use the things in the traffic exchange section to build up your war chest and get needed traffic to your sites.

Marketing or Leads System – Sales Funnel Creator with Built in email autoresponder and ability to share funnels within a team. Without that, fughettaboutit.  This also allows you to buy a domain name through them and hook it up to your system. You can import an outside domain too.

You can upsell, downsell, sidesell!

Whatever you want, really.

Check out this funnel which will EXPLAIN to you why you need several of these tools FIRST AND FOREMOST!!!!

If you have an internet powered bizop, that’s great, but you need to set yourself apart from the pack who are using the saturated company sales funnels.

If you are in a regular network marketing type bizop, then you REALLY need a funnel of your own and also need to have a place to send the internet mlm leads that are likely to be interested in this type of business model. (see the MLM lead source below).

Stand Alone Blogging:

Web Hosting (Bluehost) and Your Own Internet Domains  This is for if you need to host your own internet domains or websites outside of any other system. If you want to self host a WordPress blog, then you need these for your web hosting “container” that hooks to your internet domain. It’s your rented web server, essentially.  When you have web hosting like this, installing WordPress is usually a one step affair in the account tools.

Hosted Blog Systems

Kalatu WordPress Blog by Empower Network (unfortunately EN is going bankrupt – it happens to businesses)

Power Blog by Power Lead System (this also gives you an autoresponder and sales funnel creator setup for a complete marketing system)



Stand Alone Email Autoresponder Service – Well, the Marketing system above has a built in one that is pretty good, but if you need extra flexibility or the need for a service that works with multiple other businesses through API integration, you might need one of these. There’s Aweber and Get Response.  They’re more expensive as your list grows, but hey, they’re a premium services and industry standards.

Affiliate Link Cloaker – If you have your own web server and domain names, then  another thing that YOU NEED is a way to cloak your affiliate links so that it’s not so easy to have them stripped of your code. So yes you’re welcome I am telling you about all of these slick tools that will save you MUCH more than they cost. Go get your link cloaker or be cheap and get ripped off. Your choice. (you can promote it as another income source and make that back and much more)  This is a script that gets installed on your domain so you need your own web server space for this, but it’s OH SO WORTH IT!

Keyword Research Tools – How can you create great content and expect people to see it if you don’t know what exact terms that people are actually searching for and how to optimize your content pages for those exact terms so that you have a shot at your pages showing up in the search engine results when people search on those terms? Those terms are called “keywords” (or keyword phrases) and without this skill you’re just reaching in the dark. There are tools for knowing this crucial information. Get it now.


Revenue Sharing Traffic Exchanges & Safe Lists:

(If You’re Broke Start Here)

You should be in every one of these if you’re serious about generating online leads and also generating income to buy paid traffic to build your business. You need to join and become active. Take a small budget and buy one or several units in each and build from there, AND promote your referral links after that. Are you serious about making it online or just jerkin’around?

Note: You will need a way to buy traffic services and these companies don’t accept PayPal. So, get a Payza account or a Solid Trust Pay account for a payment processor, and get a Coinbase account for a Bitcoin wallet. Don’t mess around. Register for all, it’s free. Write down your userid’s passwords, and security answers for these sites and keep in a safe place.

Again, the payment processors and services in lieu of Paypal are:

  1. Payza
  2. Solid Trust Pay
  3. Coinbase for Bitcoin (check out my Cryptocurrency article for LOTS of crypto essential info)


Revshares – Revenue Sharing Safelist Style Advertising Sites


Revshares are on the Revshares page. I decided to make them their own page with a link since they come and they go, have some member risk as to their long term viability, and many people may not want to go there.  While they have been used with great effect by many to get their online affiliate marketing businesses off the ground and finance future paid traffic buys, they have also gone belly up for varieties of reasons, taking members’ earnings and undelivered ads purchases with them, so it’s a double edged sword. Play at your own risk but hey, it’s a source.


Paid Clicks:

Nothing beats paid traffic, especially if you can find a good source. It’s best to experiment with some and see which responds best to your offers. I’ve used all of these sources and like them. The one exception I would make though is that the MLM Leads one is best for network marketing type of programs, so if you are a network marketer direct sales type, that is THE one you should tap into first.

You should be active in ALL of the above businesses so that you can generate income to buy the higher quality paid traffic below this point. There’s a method here and I’m laying out a workable plan for ANYONE to get started building an online business so I hope you’re paying attention!

Traffic For Me – Again, high quality traffic and it’s easy to order. (one of the very best) Like all of the sources I use, they pride themselves on providing real traffic free of bogus bot clicks.

MLM Leads – (BEST for network marketing business types) Top tier clicks and they space them out and trickle them to you by default. You can specify if you want the delivery faster, but taking them on trickle mode is fine too. If you’re into an MLM or other network marketing gig, these leads might be the best that you can buy!

Human Eyeballs – Human eyeballs is expensive, but the traffic is TOP NOTCH. They get their fresh leads through media buys. This is primo, and primo costs money.  It’s over a dollar a click, but the traffic is fresh.

Udimi Solo Ads – (great for beginner budgets) Udimi is a central point for connecting with solo providers. I get lots of leads from these clicks but so you know, solo ads are getting to be saturated and you don’t know how great the lists are, but you can get the clicks cheaply and it’s great for getting started or when you don’t have a lot of traffic money but want your business to still move forward, since without clicks, you’re not in business.

Rock Solid Traffic – Here’s an up and coming source that promises real responsive people and new fresh leads constantly. For a premium performer, the price per click is competitive with the mid to higher priced solo ads with promised higher quality than what solo providers can deliver. Give it a whirl. It’s good to mix your traffic sources up.

Solochecker – Another very good solo ad source that you should add to your traffic portfolio is Solochecker. Very easy to get in and set up traffic buys. I have used them and gotten good traffic and leads for a very reasonable price.

Scott B. Price Solo Ads – High quality 85% top tier and a no bot guarantee. Best of all if you’re on a budget, .35/click no matter how many you buy. I’ve used this and it’s good. I just forgot to include it until now.

Prestige Traffic Boom – These guys have really great traffic and their prices are pretty good too. Of course the more you buy the less per click, so save up for a big order and get less price per click for your order. That’s a lower ROI and building your list with primo traffic that includes buyers and top tier. Their ordering process might be confusing. You just choose your traffic and then go to paypal and send the funds to the email address on their page, which is their Paypal payment address. Then send a followup email specifying the click package you ordered and specify which email address your Paypal uses in case it’s different from the one you are emailing from, and don’t forget the landing page URL where you want the clicks delivered. They do the rest!

YBR Traffic – While I haven’t bought directly from these guys yet, I have bought, multiple times, from who they buy their traffic from, and I can attest it’s good stuff. YBR also brings you the YBR Funnel so get to work making your future hum.


Cost Per View (CPV):

Adfly – look, this is CHEAP traffic, okay? I usually go for the interstitial ads and you can geotarget to USA etc for more money. The global package using proxy servers is as low as .40c per view, which is CHEAP. It’s cheap traffic with most people who will never buy, but you can get lucky from time to time. The good thing is that you can pause the campaigns easily if you want to avoid certain times of the day. Like, if I wanted the people to be coming mostly from Europe or Americas timezone I would pause it overnight to avoid Asia. Like that.  I don’t actually recommend this traffic, but everyone should experience the vast difference between good and lousy traffic.

Even the geotargeted USA visitors are cheap at $5/1000 views. I can turn on a campaign here and literally have hundreds of subscribers in a few hours. They aren’t the highest quality though, so I would try to keep them to a certain segment of my list or keep them within the Power Lead System autoresponder since filling your Aweber list with these will raise your monthly Aweber cost.


Contextual Ads (CPC network):

The only contextual source that I currently use is 7 Search. It’s easy to set up and they have a good interface for creating and editing ad campaigns. It’s keyword based and they show you the bid prices and the relative keyword popularity of keywords that you are targeting.

I really need to donate more time to working with my 7Search campaigns, but I have just been too busy with other things, but I am actively running campaigns as I type this, and I am getting clicks at a good cpc. They’re not the greatest clicks though. Just being honest.  UPDATE – 7Search went out of business.


Note: I’m evaluating new traffic sources all of the time with my mentors and guides, so I will add more as their value becomes apparent. So, check back from time to time.