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Targeting Search Keywords for SEO Optimization and Profit

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So you may be a newbie who’s found this site and perhaps was wondering what search keywords are. Maybe you’ve been searching for a way to make money from home at the computer or create passive income and read that in order to do that you have to figure out how to rank for certain searches in Google and other Internet search engines.  That’s really it. You can either pay for ad exposure or rely on organic search engine traffic to drive interested parties to your offers. SEO optimization is the answer to your particular needs.  You want people who are already searching for your types of offers since they’re more likely to buy, or convert, than random non targeted prospects. You can short circuit this to an extent by buying ads, but unless you’re sure of your targeted market and have also done proper keyword research there, you’ll just be wasting your money.

With properly researched search keywords, you can drive traffic to your site from classified ad sites and traffic exchanges too. That’s not the scope of this article.

By far, the best strategy is to target free organic search engine traffic by having a few keywords for your target searchers in each post on your site. It does take some time to get the traffic, and you can do some things to speed that up. For example, make sure that your site has a Sitemap both just for visitors but an XML version for the search engine robot “spider” or “crawler” programs that traverse the World Wide Web in their mission to index websites.

You also need some form of About page, Contact page (or combine them into one), and an Income Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, and Terms & Conditions.  Sites are judged on a variety of criteria that are mostly in secret proprietary algorithms. We do know some of the criteria but much information is kept secret for trade protection and also to keep site masters from gaming the system. The mission, from their end, is to provide quality content for searchers. So, use your search keywords but quality content should be your ultimate goal. All of the search engine optimization in the world amounts to nothing if your content sucks and you can’t write to save your life.

Search keywords aren’t just words. They can be single words or phrases.

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The less words, the more broad the search and the more competition you’ll have for that term. The more words in your keyword and you’re getting more specific, there will be less competition, but also less searchers for that word. For example, you can go broad like “internet marketing”, or more specific like “internet marketing from home”, or even more specific and long tail, like “internet marketing from home for office workers”.

You see, there will be many many search results for the more broad terms, but the competition that you face ranking in the search engines for that would be immense, and the other sites that are more established have other factors in Google’s search ranking algorithm that your site has – things like backlinks, maturity, trust, authority,  etc.

What to do?

You go more targeted…. more “long tail” search keywords.  You have less competition AND you target specific groups of people who you can tailor your message for.  Those people are more likely to be responsive anyway.  You then add up several of these more specific phrases and use the group on your site.  In this way you can target smaller groups which when added up may add up to thousands of searches per month.  a slightly but similar way of saying it is that that’s okay because even if you are choosing a few hundred searches over ten thousand searches, you’ll be getting less but higher quality prospects who are laser targeting those words.

There is also data that says that people who use longer search phrases, also known as long tail keywords, are more likely to convert when they see your offer.  This is the sort of free search engine traffic that you want, and over time you’ll get it over and over once your site ranks for your targeted words.  You’ll eventually rank for the golden high traffic high competition words as your domain builds trust and authority.  The words here are PERSISTENCE and CONSISTENCY.  Be careful though that you avoid the trap of creating many similar pages for closely related long tail keywords.  Read my Search Engine Optimization How To for more information on that.

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Your site should also be fresh and updated regularly so that the search engine knows that it is a living dynamic site. Take all of the advice here and then know when to step back and rely on your writing and your content.  Sure, have the target search keywords appear naturally on your page, but don’t overdo it and make sure it all makes sense.  Also, write your own content and don’t steal whole articles, especially not word for word.  Google knows when you’ve done this.  You can use ideas and rewrite or add to them, which is generally fine.  A word of advice for non English speakers: stick to sites in your own languages.  Native English speakers can see right through bad English and grammar or content spun by non native English speakers.  Don’t even waste your time with that garbage.

It’s not until you have a way of driving traffic to your offer that you have a shot at creating passive income or residual income, and are able to make money online from the computer.  Once you have sites that get traffic, you of course need an offer or product to advertise to them.  You can resell other people’s products, or create your own.  I would choose one that not only resells but has great marketing copy as well as a multi level aspect which adds the residual income part to your success mix.

You also have to get your keywords ranked in Google so that you can make that site bank and earn through the increased web traffic that you will get with good search placement.

Your blog also has to be sexy enough to keep visitors interested.

Another key aspect is “patience”.  If you get into this thinking that you will become successful overnight with minimal effort, then I suggest go relying on a winning lottery ticket for your success.  It’s got an astronomically smaller chance of succeeding, but you won’t have to work for it.  If you are work shy, then Internet marketing, Internet mlm, or affiliate programs, aren’t for you.  You won’t get paid for doing nothing or not expending effort.  If anyone tells you that, they’re lying.

The good news is that working from home over the Internet is not physically strenuous and it can be quite pleasant.  It’s got little downside and enormous upside, if you work at it and build it.  With SEO optimization done correctly, (via a WordPress SEO plugin) you can guarantee free organic search engine traffic to your site, day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year.

I know what I am talking about and I have the resources to teach it to those who want to partner with me.

Take the benefit of my knowledge and connections, or, go learn it yourself and you may or may not learn what you really need to know.

It’s your choice.


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