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How Do I Setup My Own Business

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Setting up your own business can be a daunting task.  There are so many details and potential pitfalls when considering going into business.  The costs are also expensive with the traditional startup of an entirely new business entity.  Frankly, for most people, it’s just better to go with partnering with an already established business that has the infrastructure in place.  I can tell you about that.

Tell me more about how do I setup my own business, Tom.

Okay, sure.  I’m glad to help.  Really, I am.  😉

I would encourage any person who is reliant on a day job for now to consider partnering with an established business entity simply because it’s FAR easier to promote something and get the commissions and profit than to take on all of that burden with starting up something new.  Also, what if you don’t have a product all on your own?  There are companies that have products and recruitment funnels all ready to go.  All you need to do is to plug in and learn the techniques.

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I would also recommend it for more affluent people who want to take their game to the next level.  Unless you are already a millionaire, who couldn’t use a few extra tens of thousands of dollars a month?

Think about just a few of the benefits here:

  • Minuscule startup cost compared to starting a business from scratch.
  • No inventory to worry about.
  • No employees.
  • Educational products that teach you internet marketing or to be a better marketer.
  • 100% commissions, and recurring commissions.
  • A strong feeling of community, especially for those who “get it”.
  • Sponsors who care (this one can be iffy for some but between me and my sponsor, you’re covered)
  • Ethical leadership that lays down the income disclaimers every chance that they get and who make compliance a pillar of the organization.

So How do I actually setup my own business, Tom?

You simply emulate me, just like I emulate my sponsor, as he emulated someone else.  Does that mean that you are just a robot or copycat?  No.  You put your own spin, your own flavor, on it.  There are untold thousands of people searching for business opportunities online every single month, and we explain how you do this.  It’s actually peppered all over my blog, for free.  You have to join the Empower Network to get in and get set up.  There are small variations on how you can pursue the opportunity, and that is your choice on how you want to do that.

The whole point here is to relay to you that you do not have to set up a business from scratch.  You merely plug into an existing infrastructure that is making many people very wealthy in a very comfortable part time way.  The knowledge is there, the techniques are there, the commissions are there, and the cost, compared to what it would cost you to start your own independent business, is almost non existent, as is the risk.  You can even use the earnings that you pull out to fund an independent venture if that is what you want to do.

Remember, with things like this, it’s ALL UP TO YOU.  All you have to do it seize the day and proceed with a can do positive attitude, and follow through, persist, and win.


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