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Making Friends With Money

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What I mean is, you should make friends with the concept of money.

Envision it.

Welcome it.

Don’t push it away.

Draw it in.

Your thoughts on this affect your experience with money, your relationship with it.  Making friends with money is the cure for your misplaced guilt or toxic notions about it.

making friends with money

We need to put aside all of the guilt and judgment around money. We need to stop judging those who have it as somehow they must have been dishonest to get it and we have to stop buying into the whole “root of all evil” bullshit. The culture of envy is sick and just a trick to foster guilt and to make stealing it from those who were skillful enough to manifest it somehow alright.

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Let’s now talk about lack.

If all you ever do is focus on lack and what you don’t have you’ll never succeed. Just make a subtle shift and focus on what you’d like to have, while being grateful for what you already have. It takes practice and even I have to practice it, but it’s worth it.

What you focused on expands in your life, so if all you ever do is focus on lack, debt, bills, bad credit… then that’s what you’ll get.  That’s all you’ll ever get.  Get into a bill consolidation program and then focus on what it would feel like to be debt free and abundant!  Making friends with money and the concept of abundance is key.

Another thing is learn to recognize opportunities.

You’ll never get anywhere by not leaving your comfort zone once in awhile. You can force your own growth and mental, psychological, and even spiritual evolution by choosing to leave your immediate comfort zone and making yourself uncomfortable and forcing yourself to adapt to an unfamiliar situation. It works. I’ve done it. For years I was so scared of the big city that I avoided. The opportunity for a big money job presented itself so I took it. The money was great but the real payoff was getting rid of that fear and becoming a skilled city dweller. Dealing with crowds, strangers, subways, seeing it all, beauties and bums, rich and poor. It makes you a better person when you undergo some urgent self imposed sink or swim evolution.

The internet is this huge giant scary thing but at the same time it’s a vehicle where one person can reach and connect with so many people who they would never have even knew existed before such a far reaching communications medium was accessible by the masses.  It’s not so scary when you get used to it, and when you combine that with high compensation plan internet marketing and very well put together success minded educational products, the results can be astounding.

Money is one of those things that many of us have to make peace with in order to open up to receiving it, and receiving it also extends to accepting opportunities that present themselves and then vigorously pursuing them. Going out searching for anything to get ahead is counter productive while opening up to the possibilities and then grasping the ones that naturally present themselves are very different situations. They seem subtle but they aren’t.  Fighting against they way things are brings you more of what you don’t want.  Opening up to the possibilities and THEN taking what is presented is the natural way to go about it.

If you’ve found your way to this blog and are reading these words and understanding even a little of it, and it resonated with you, then THAT is no mistake.  You will always be put in contact with those who you need to be in contact with in order to move to a better situation, provided that you have been open to evolving in this way.

Is all of this new age hooey? I used to think so but it’s not.

So, remember…  money isn’t bad or evil.  Just don’t give in to greed.  Be generous.  Become an open vessel for that prosperity to flow through you and then let it go and more will come.  It’s the way of things.  There is no lack.  Lack is an illusion.  We are all made of energy which vibrates at different levels.  There is untold energy locked up in matter.  You are made of this, as am I, the world, and money.  Everything.


You express appreciation for the things that you want to experience in life, and money is the vehicle that was created for that purpose.  So, make friends with it, be open to it, and follow your passion which will bring you in line to receive it with an open and pure heart.  Making friends with money is a natural result.

Join my team and we can make the journey together.

Be good, my friends.  Peace.

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