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The Laws of Attraction

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The laws of attraction are something that can’t be explained, at least not by science.  Many science minded people write it off as a mere belief system akin to any religion.  If they can’t measure it or quantify it or double blind study it, then it doesn’t exist.

Fair enough.  I feel bad for those who take that stance but they are free to take whatever stance they want.  I’m certainly not in it to convince anyone.  I seek out fellow travelers who know that there is more to it than what the five senses can detect.

So that’s my take on it for now, but I have more to express in writing.  Check it out.

Many empowered leaders espouse the same views, and these are people who are earning mega money.  Is it any wonder that some of the most successful people secretly harbor these views, despite what the egghead rationalists have to say about it?

The Laws of Attraction Are Everywhere You Look, Once You are ‘In Tune’

Everyone from Tony Robbins, to Dave Wood, to Justin Verrengia, to many others hold onto these similar views, and they have parlayed that into awesome success.

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I also don’t think it’s any wonder that may of the same people who spend their time poo poo’ing such beliefs are working and living paycheck to paycheck.  You can read online musings of many of these depressed people who work mediocre jobs and lead lukewarm humdrum lives and how they try to convince a friend or family member who is dabbling in this new thought paradigm to give it up and not lose track of the scientific method and “logical thinking”.

It’s funny, yo.

A simple change in perspective can make ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD!

It’s kind of like when Peter Gibbons was all down and out about his job and life, and a simple change of perspective by that hypnotist turned his life around.

This is what I mean by the law of attraction working wonders.  It’s a simple paradigm shift in your thinking.  If you change your perspective you can change your life.  Good mood brought about by positive thinking and positive actions changes something in your brain chemistry and gets things moving.

It’s like when Tony Robbins talks about the reticular (reticulated) activating system and conditioning yourself for success.  Life pays what you ask of it.

So what I am trying to convey here is that the laws of attraction are great and they line up with so many other age old wisdom, so don’t ignore it.  Don’t fluff it off as mere flights of fancy because I can say that many of the so called logical people in the know, are snide in their self assuredness and conceit against such thoughts.  Many of them are working boring go nowhere jobs and leading very unremarkable lives.  They’re happy in their knowledge that only logic and the scientific method matter, but they miss the forest from the trees.

That’s my opinion and nothing is going to shake it because I know what I know – and I know that thoughts do indeed become things and inspiration leads to amazing places if you allow it to happen.

You also have to learn to recognize and seize opportunities as they present themselves.

In the movie, The Secret, they speak about imagine checks coming in the mail, or more checks than bills.  Well, if the only way that you can receive a check is through your job, then that isn’t going to increase, is it?  You have to set up some other stream that will allow this to happen.

Take this as a wake up call, that you have to combine some sort of action or effort with all of that positive thinking.

the laws of attraction

Anthony Robbins says the same thing.  For years I read his books, which can also be a sort of metaphor for aspects of the laws of attraction, and was frustrated because he talked about taking massive action and all of these ways to get more success.  I figured this is only for sales people because where else can you get more income through that kind of action? Well, with the advent of the internet and affiliate income models and such, it’s possible for ANYONE and you don’t need to ditch your current line of work for some sales gig at the local care dealership anymore!  (big grin)

I’ll leave you with a video from an Empower Network leader who is seriously rocking the laws of attraction.  This stuff works if you allow it to work good in your life.  Ignore the logical brain naysayers because when you read that crowd’s literature, you end up wanting to hang yourself from the nearest tree.

Tropical location… check.

Laws of attraction as a blueprint for living…. check.

Laid back attitude and cool ponytail…. check.

Full bank account…. you have NO IDEA.   LOL

I hope that this all made sense to you and serves to wake you from the despair of the everyday humdrum.  We all need a pick me up from time to time, and I choose this type of material to be my Cold Gin.  Peace.



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