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Taking Action – Why Action Takers Produce Results

taking action and follow through
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Persistence and follow through is something that cannot be overlooked when anyone tries to create income or success online, or anywhere, by buying and following educational material that they find or purchase online. Taking action is what is needed to produce results.

This is my second article on taking action, mainly because it is SUCH an important topic. The first article on taking action is an entertaining read so after you read this one hop on over and check out numero uno.

follow through

Many people embark down the path of internet marketing and creating opportunity online, but most of them fail and go home with their tails between their legs, sometimes yelling “Scam!” in order to cover up their own deficiencies or just the bad advice they followed.

You can’t give up and you have to be stubborn as if you invented the concept of being stubborn. Taking action can become contagious!

taking action

Yeah, it’s true…

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Taking Action has It’s Nemesis’

Negative self talk will sink you faster than a submarine torpedo.

This is true.

You have to stay positive and you have to persist, but follow through…

What is that?

It’s actually using the techniques, tools, concepts, and strategies that you learn when you buy into whatever system has convinced you that it can work.

So many people never open the shrink wrap, so to speak, on the products that they buy.

Tony is going to steal some of my thunder, but hey, this interview is killer and you should listen to it, but read on before or after you do.

They see the snazzy sales copy, daydream a bit about what they would do with all of that success, get all positive and hyped up as they hit the “BUY” button, and then take delivery of the product, whether it be a PDF download, a streaming video series, or whatever.

Then, they back off.

Sometimes they read the PDF or watch the video and get let down when they see that it actually takes action, as if they expected money to just come to them simply because they bought the product.

Stupid, right?

But it happens ALL the time!

Wake up call here. You have to follow through with these tings. You have to take action. Consistent action MUST be taken on a daily or somewhat regular basis in order to create the desired result.

The masters have been preaching this for decades. You’d think that people would get it already. Whether it’s Napoleon Hill or Tony Robbins above, the base message is always the same.


Persistence and Follow Through Matter!

Just hang in there enough to produce a small result.

Why does a small result matter when most people are trying to visualize fancy cars and mansions by the sea?

Because it’s the initial small results that convince you that it IS possible to make money online and then that feeds the belief that it is possible for YOU and then you are MUCH more likely to continue taking action and producing positive results.

I’ve made money online, so I know that it’s possible.

I’ve gotten over the crisis in belief.

I usually tell the rank newbies to find a program that has a very easy to complete initial offer that costs nothing, and then they can learn about marketing the stuff to other people. As soon as some others do that same easy free thing they get paid. That is a real game changer when it comes to convincing themselves to continue taking action.

The whole outcome of taking consistent action is that eventually positive results will happen. This is a numbers game and it HAS to work that way as long as you keep at it, keep learning, evolve, and keep working it.

Do you think that this blog is a result of someone who doesn’t take consistent action? If you do, then think again.

Now it’s YOUR turn.

See you all later, I hope…

Tom Connelly

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