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What is Network Marketing: Offline vs Online

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Ever wonder what’s the big diff between the old line network marketing models that so many of us are now familiar with vs the online model?

Yeah, lots of people nowadays wonder about this.  So many are approached by family or friends to attend some party or “local business launch” and it ends up being a recruiting meeting.

I’m not saying that’s bad or anything.  If you are looking for someone to justify not pursuing an extracurricular income building opportunity, then this piece isn’t it.

Hit that back button .

If you want to know the difference between the old and the new, then read on, grasshopper…

So what is Network Marketing vs the Online Variant All About?

Glad you asked, even if I had to type the question myself.  I know and YOU KNOW that you were thinking that.  Let’s get into it.

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what is network marketing

Let me put it into words here and then you can continue reading below after I’ve actually fleshed it out on screen with words and such.

So I hope that made sense.

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People walk around wondering what is network marketing and what is the difference between basic network marketing vs online, and they don’t realize that they can be very different.  Sure they have similarities.

No one disputes that.

At their core they are affiliate business models where an independent contractor consultant who is not an employee go out and drums up business and gets paid a commission on their efforts.  The other half is that this independent consultant or affiliate can recruit others into the opportunity beneath them and build an organization of people under them and they get a piece of all of the action that happens within their organization.

There are differences as to how many levels deep or what the commissions or pass ups are so you have to consult that compensation plan for your particular opportunity.

Now, when you market your business either offline or online, you always come across people who are hostile, suspicious, unbelieving, apathetic, or just plain don’t care.  You just roll with it and sort them into buckets – those who are possible leads and those who are not.

You never take it personal and believe me there are PLENTY of people out there so knowing that you can never sell or recruit everyone tells you that you just have to find the ones that will help you build your business.

network marketing structure

So when you ask what is network marketing, you know that whether online or offline, they all have some things in common, and the things in common are that they are an affiliate model with a multi level recruitment method embedded so that they can not only make profit on their own business but on  all of the business generated beneath them in their organization and their recruits’ organizations.

This is how to generate cash flow independent of your own time!

The online model has much more potential because you have a much wider potential audience, you:

  • don’t have to do face to face selling or recruiting,
  • you are reaching out to people who are already searching for something to benefit them in this area which means they are a warm market,
  • these buyers are more likely to spend money on what they are searching for,
  • and if you are selling digital products the delivery is almost instantaneous, which means they have the instant gratification they are searching for,
  • when you are selling big ticket digital items online, the profits are large, especially when the commissions are high.

What this means is that when you ask what is network marketing, you have a large plate filled with possibilities, but at the end of the day the best business model is the online network marketing model that deals in high priced high commission digital products. A slight variation that makes it even more potent is that there should be multiple products, with a low priced entry point that scales up to the higher priced products, this providing commissions on several tiers.

What is Network Marketing Success?

Network marketing success is when you can create a business that is:

  1. Digital
  2. Online
  3. Runs mostly on autopilot
  4. is open 24/7
  5. Sells for you even if you aren’t physically there
  6. Provides the information and value that people are searching for
  7. Teaches people how to replicate what you have done
  8. Brings new people into the fold since network marketing thrives on “new blood”
  9. Provides a scalable ever growing income by utilizing the above.

Anyone who asks what is network marketing also wants to know what is network marketing success, and they go so hand in hand that they have to be addressed within the same informational piece.

So I hope that I learned ya sumthin…  It’s really simple and once you get it right in your head, and take the steps needed to build your own, it’s never looking back time.

I’m always here for ya.



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