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Businesses That Generate Residual Income

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I Bet That You Came Here to Learn About Businesses that Generate Residual Income

There are plenty of businesses out there which provide bountiful opportunity to provide income after you’ve already laid the groundwork by setting up your business foundation.

The way that I’m speaking of as superior would be internet based mlm, or multi level marketing. MLM is one of the best businesses that generate residual income. This business model usually takes a product, which can be intellectual, service based, or a real physical product. It doesn’t matter. The bottom line is that you don’t just sell whatever it is that you’re selling. You bring others into the fold to duplicate what you’re doing and they are now bound under you doing the same thing. You get some sort of compensation on the business that they generate, and usually of those who go under them and so on. Sometimes there is a limit on how many levels this can go and sometimes there isn’t.

When you are pondering residual income, you have to take into account that there are others who have already accomplished this.  They are out there and willing to teach you how to do it too.  Why is that?  Are they just being generous?  Are they just nice guys and gals?  Well, they probably are, but there usually is a deeper motive.  They are operating within a system where they build a team, and each individual team members success adds to their own success.  How could there be a better system than this?  There isn’t.  Take it from me, folks.  I’m a guy who has been in the corporate trenches for longer than I care to say.  I have worked side by side with software architects, programmers, CTO’s, and VP’s of R&D.  I have shaken hands with CEO’s.  NONE of those people, as nice as they were, were ever willing to share much with me beyond my salary and maybe some stock options.  That is NOT the way to make it anymore.  If you want to start businesses that generate residual income, then you have to strike out on your own and learn the tricks of the trade.  This is the old concept of being self reliant.  Who wants to rely on being in the good graces of some boss, and even then if a corporation downsizes you have no recourse.  You’re lucky if you get some severance pay, and that rarely happens anymore.

Choose to build your own internet business now.  Make that choice now.

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It’s definitely doable if you know how, and you don’t have to be a genius either.  You can start here for the mechanics of it, but you have to have something to sell and promote first.  I wholeheartedly recommend what me and my team are using.  Most of my team are using Empower Network and their products to promote a higher quality of online sales professional.  With that you get a turnkey blog that you can use, but I still recommend getting your own web hosting and domain name with a WordPress installation and creating your own blog on your own domain, and if you want to use the Empower Network blog too, then fine.  You can use the blog(s) to promote ANY business, not just empower network.  The best way to create passive income is to do all of the upfront work and then you will have interested parties coming from the search engine courtesy of your keyword strategy )that I will point you in the right direction for) and signing up, since they want success, and you will want them to have that success since it will make you more successful as well.  Cooperation and teamwork are KEY.  Don’t let yo bad self forget that!! 😉  As you browse around my blog, I want you to pick up these techniques and I want YOU to partner with me in Empower Network and Easy Hundreds to rake in huge amounts of money.  I can’t guarantee you success.  Success is ultimately up to you to achieve.  What I can guarantee is that if you follow the plan the right way and put the work in, that you will succeed.

You’ll need to be committed.

You’ll need to do something for your business every day, the more the better.

Even if you are tired at the end of your regular workday you MUST put in time, because without that “all in” attitude, you can’t succeed.

You have to blog and create content every day.

You’ll have to be willing to go out there and be creative, from placing free online ads to social networking smartly without spamming.

You have to be willing to work on a larger team and also build your own team with people who find you and go all in under your organization.

It sounds complicated but it isn’t really that bad.  If you work this well enough and beat the average, then you can possibly be looking at doing this full time instead of running off to a job every day.

Look, I’m going to tell it to you straight.  Life isn’t always easy and neither is business.  Not everyone makes it.  We all have our setbacks and nail biting while waiting for that first  success.  It will come sooner or later.  You just have to remember to invest in YOUR business, work it like it’s the only thing that is going to save you (because it is), and you will eventually find real success.  You won’t be alone though.  That I can guarantee to you.

Just look at what it costs to start a “traditional” business and then tell me that this is too expensive, risky, or takes too much time.  You can’t.  I know because I ran the numbers.

These internet based programs are real businesses that generate residual income on an ongoing sustainable basis, as long as you are willing and able to do the necessary work.

Facts are facts.  The rest is up to you.



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