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David Wood Empower Network Scam

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The David Wood Empower Network Scam is another joke that people seem to be interested in.  Look, folks, I hate to rain on your scam parade, but these guys had been marketing and failing for years, then had some measure of success, before coming upon an idea that would benefit thousands of people who were looking to be in the same business.

How is that a scam?

The David Wood Empower Network Scam is a Hoax

I had been fiddling around with various forms of network marketing for years without ANY measure of success.  I mean, it wasn’t even fulfilling.

It was just a grind.

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Not only did I have to learn about the regular stuff like keyword research, autoresponders (Aweber or Getresponse), and affiliate programs, but then to try to roll all that yourself, only to find that the only people making REAL money were branding themselves and being the gurus.

…and it was so hit or miss.  I felt that I would always be stuck in a 9-5 job because who had the time to learn all that plus do the regular job/life thing.

Enter the David Wood Empower Network Scam

Well, to be fair, I was in Empower Network before and I didn’t understand it.  I just thought they were more slick gurus who were going to cash in on all of us fools.  I didn’t understand the viral blogging system at all.

If I would have just listened to the Inner Circle Audios then and had gotten it…  I would have been in much sooner.

I could kick myself.

What I have learned, my compadres, is that there is no David Wood Empower Network Scam,  It is fictional, like the bogey man or dragons.

I have listened to enough David Wood material by now to know that the guy, and his partner, are for real.  They are in it to not only be free but to allow others to be free as well.

You can sit there and choose to think that it’s all a scam, but you’d be wrong, and broke.

I’ve studied this stuff for years and  I can tell you that the products are real, the services are real, and the success that is attainable is real.  Just look around.  There are so many people who attend their events and hold up the checks that if it were a phony or a facade then surely they wouldn’t be able to contain it.

Use logic.

Forget about the Empower Network David Wood scam and open yourself up to the possibility that YOU can be successful with this if you apply yourself.  It takes work and commitment, but it isn’t hard or difficult.  It’s actually a lot of fun.

Whether you choose to use your Empower Network blog, or host your own, or both… is up to you.  Just join the darn thing and start churning out content so that you too can get paid to blog.



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  • David Widenor September 26, 2013, 2:22 pm

    Very Nice Post, Tom ! I think you did a great job, as always. I find your posting a treat because of the quality.

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