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Lead Capture Page VooDoo

lead capture page voodoo
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So you’re wondering why YOU need your own lead capture page even if the opportunity or business or affiliate offer that you are promoting has given you their own whiz bang lead capture page to point people to?

There are reasons, you know…

That is why I am here.

To teach you about that Lead Capture Page Voodoo that we do so well.

I am here to show you some of the things that no one bothered to show me, and to get across to you all that I am a real person, here to help you, and that is why you want to be on my team and learn from me all of this technical stuff as well as benefit from my years in these trenches and from my mistakes.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

Why would you, when your affiliate offer or online opportunity that you are promoting has already provided effective optimized lead capture page (or pages), want to create and use your own?


Well, there are a myriad of reasons, but I’ll focus on the most important ones here.

If you want to make the leap into the realm of real marketers marketing for themselves first, then read on.

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Lead Capture Page – Build Your Own or Go Home

I don’t care which opportunity or business that you are supporting, or even if they provide you with their own very attractive capture pages, you don’t want to get into the bad habit of always using those capture pages to capture your leads or send your traffic to the offer.

Most affiliate opportunities out there will collect the leads for themselves and you are paying to send traffic to the offer. They get the lead and you get nothing if you don’t make a sale.

Is that a good idea?

I don’t think so.

Why would you pay or work to send traffic to an offer in order to hand them the email address of the person that you worked to obtain?

Now, some offers give you capture pages and the ability to send the captured lead to your own autoresponder, which is a step up, but it’s still not an ideal situation for you.


Think of how many other affiliates or marketers out there are using the SAME capture pages.

These same leads may have seen the page several times, and will be less likely to opt in to your list if they have seen it once or several times before.

It’s better to create your own enticing lead capture page and then send the lead to your own list in one operation.

Now they are YOUR lead and you can market to them your way and have them in YOUR sales funnel, not some big internet guru’s sales funnel.

Those are the two biggest reasons to use your own capture pages.

How Do I Create My Own Lead Capture Page?

It’s pretty easy.

There are several free and paid resources out there that you can use. Of course I recommend getting the Power Lead System, which bundles a lead capture page creator with an email autoresponder system, lots of other supporting tools, full training, and even a WordPress based blog system.

Don’t look for free systems here. You’ll just be sabotaging yourself. You need to use your own internet domain and tie own capture and email system. This bundled tool fits the bill perfectly.

Okay, so how do you create one?

My recommendation is that you have a nice background that creates a mood of escaping current humdrum reality. Something that provides a vision of being free from the daily grind of regular work life. Common themes are islands and beaches since they symbolize vacations, holidays, and the rich lifestyle of beach going celebrities. You can use whatever you like though.

Some lead capture pages use plain white backgrounds and bright text colors with bright yellow submit buttons.

Some have video in the capture page, although I personally believe that video is better for the target page after they opt in. Most people today have very short attention spans, and it’s better to entice them with something short and tempting and then send them to the video after they opt in.

The system above comes with a complete library of images and video, or you can use your own.

Here are a few examples of the “make money online” or “business opportunity” niche.

Each lead capture page below has gotten plenty of opt ins.

lead capture page



Get the concept?

All of them convey an idea of plenty of leisure time afforded by the carefree casual lifestyle that internet marketing promises.

Of course, if your theme is diet shakes or something else, stick to something that conveys that theme.

Most of the time you only need to capture an email address. Remember, the less work that you require the more likely people are to opt in.

Another thing is that in your autoresponder, turn off double opt in. While the autoresponder companies encourage it, the deal with your prospect is that you get their email and the right to market to them in return for the thing you are immediately promising them. If double opt in is turned on they have no incentive to confirm after they have gotten what they wanted.

Remember, they can ALWAYS opt out of your list later.

Keep your headline intriguing and your sub headline within the limits of just a little further explanation without giving it away.

Go to my link above and get in line to buy the Power Lead System for some real in depth training that takes these concepts to the next level. This stuff is so low cost for the return and tools that you get.

You should also get on over to my marketing system and sign on to take the next step into the realm of learning how to set up a work from home lifestyle that will set you free from the grind of modern job slavery.  This is big ticket education land. Deprogram then reprogram your mind type stuff.

Read my blog regularly because I have lots of great content and it’s growing all the time. Please share it out on FaceBook and social media to expose this material to those who may find it useful.

Until next time….

Tom Connelly

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