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Residual Income Example

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I heard someone ask the internet search gods for a residual income example!

Was that you?

If you are searching for a way to not only make money and increase your income, but to make it so that that money keeps flowing in, even when you are sleeping or away from a computer, then have I got great news for you!  This is not only possible, but compared to working for a living it is not very difficult at all.  It does require work at a computer and the Internet.  That’s no problem these days, I hope.

With the Internet, you have this massive global audience at your disposal 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  I was on the Internet for YEARS before I finally learned the best ways to make it pay off.

Aren’t you lucky that you found me?!


Because I want to help you.  Is it because I am a nice guy?  Well, I am a super nice guy. That being said, helping you will help me as well.

This is a medium where cooperation works.

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The sum is greater than the parts, so to speak.  

There is more to any opportunity than just signing up to it.  You have to know how to promote it and get targeted traffic to it.  You don’t want any internet searcher either.  You want people who are searching for the type of thing that you are promoting

Ask yourself how you came to this page.

Maybe it was from FaceBook, or Youtube… or maybe from Google or another search engine like Bing.  You landing here was no accident.

Maybe you found this page through another page on my site that you were brought to from an outside source.  There are many paths, and there is a technique to building this sort of structure to get people in front of your opportunity.  I just wanted to put that out there and encourage you to also learn how to start.

One of my preferred methods to create residual income is to join a multi tiered affiliate program where you sell a product and people can also join up as an affiliate in the process, and then they repeat and so on.  This creates a process whereby the affiliate not only gets paid on what he/she sells, but also on some of the business of people who partnered with them and who partner with those people.

This is the difference between trading your time for a job or service in a one to one basis.

Let’s face it, you’ve been there and so have I.  You go into work, and you either get paid hourly or a salary.  The rate is fixed and the only way that you get more for working harder is the annual raise (usually minuscule and doesn’t even keep up with the inflation rate) or by working overtime for time and a half or some multiple, if your job is that type. You trade time for money in a one to one ratio.  The only way that you can increase the money further is to take on more jobs, but there is only 24 hours in a day, and second jobs usually pay a lesser rate anyway.

So you see, this method of earning is very inefficient.

The only true way to get ahead is to run your own business.  

We all know the expense and hassle of opening a traditional business, so I will spare myself from writing about it and you from reading about it.

So, the best way is to open your own business.  You have to have a product or service for sale.  Again, regular service jobs take many hours. While it is better to own the business than to just work for someone, you can still end up working your tail off for little profit.

I’m telling you, folks, the best and easiest way is to get a product or service that is already out there and created by someone else who needs it promoted to the masses. They can’t reach everyone so they are happy to pay generous commissions to those who can.

Furthermore, the best programs utilize a residual model where you can get paid on follow up sales, subscription renewals, and also on the sales of people who you also bring into the affiliateship.

There is a program that I am pursuing that is making millionaires out of many internet marketers.  It has a fee, think of it as an investment in your future, that repeats every month, with some more expensive products that you have to buy before you can resell them for super high commissions, but the payouts are MUCH higher over time and it scales up much higher.  That is the legendary Empower Network system.  They launched an all new viral blogging platform version called Kalatu so if you’re not in now is the perfect time to get in.  Take a look and if you like what you see, join my Empower Network team.

Affiliate marketing which offers a system whereby you make continuing commissions is the way to go and each one of the programs linked here offer a slight variation of that, and levels that you can enter which are more comfortable for you.

You be the judge as to your risk level.

Either way, compared to a regular business the risk is non existent.

I was walking down Broadway in New York City last year, and I saw a bunch of guys with a truck cleaning out what used to be a perfume-cologne shop.  I had shopped there before so I asked the guy what happened.  He said they had to move to Brooklyn because the rent there was (get ready for this – and these are middle eastern-Asian immigrants) US$20,000 per MONTH.  They had to pay $20K per MONTH to rent out a not huge retail space and all they sold was colognes and perfumes… maybe some cheap wireless phone stuff too.

All those shops mix mobile phones with perfumes, which is a weird combination but I guess it works for them.

Compare THAT risk to what these internet programs are asking that you put down, then complain to me that it’s too risky.  That’s all I have to say about that.






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