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Empower Network System

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The Empower Network System is a viral blogging system, ecommerce setup, and optionally several more levels of products and commissions for those who choose to be affiliates of the Empower Network.

That’s the textbook definition, anyway.

What the Empower Network System really is, is a way of life devoted to internet affiliate marketing that can literally set you free to unleash your potential and break the bonds between time and money. No longer will your income be limited to hours in a day and you can even unplug and be free from having to go to a job for your income, if you do it right.

This Empower Network system is a positive outlook on life that you get to not just sell to others, but share with others. The people who make up Empower Network are a close knit group who have one vision and success mindset, and we are protective of one another and of the company, the products, and the opportunity.

Isn’t that how it should be?

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What’s the Empower Network System mean to me, Tom?

There are several ways to work this system and/or utilize the products.

You don’t need to join the Empower Network opportunity or business in order to buy the products.  You can buy them without becoming an affiliate.  Their products are business oriented, sales oriented, marketing oriented, and they are powerful.  They are full of all sorts of not only practical internet marketing techniques, but business and sales psychology, and I would say along the lines of a Tony Robbins type of training.

If you choose to become an affiliate of the Empower Network System, then you can resell these products for affiliate commissions.  You can ONLY receive commissions on products that you have already purchased.  This is ethical and fair, for how can you expect to sell and push products that you yourself have not invested in?  This, in my opinion, makes them very ethical.  Another ethical consideration is that Empower Network is full of income disclaimers and takes compliance for their affiliates very seriously.

Explained in the 100% commissions/compensation plan link above, it contains a rich commission passup system whereby your sponsor receives one of your commissions every now and then, which is great when you have a team that is producing because then you will be getting their passups.  This is key to earning big with Empower Network.

This is not an Empower Network Review, nor a description of them all.  That link above takes you to a listing of the products and prices.

This article is to explain that this Empower Network system is real, the products are real, the affiliate opportunity is definitely real, and lucrative, and that it is not a hard system to implement.

empower network system

You can advertise the system any way you want, as long as it doesn’t include spam or misleading people.

You can use classified ads, email list marketing (your own list), websites, squeeze pages, viral blogging, or anything else.

You can send postcards to a snail mail list of customers if you have them.  You can place real classifieds in print papers.  Use drop cards

Another strong point for the Empower Network System is that the founders, Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe, are master marketing professionals who have mastered the Jedi mind psychology of internet marketing and network marketing.  They have escaped cubicle jobs to live the internet lifestyle.  You can use their videos and recruitment funnel to pass on to your prospects.  No one can sell the program like them, because they invented it.

Now, after the main Empower Network System, you can have your own or your mentor’s systems, or strategies, to be more effective at marketing it.  I offer you my mentorship as well as entry into my mentor’s group, which is invaluable for filling in knowledge gaps and teaching techniques.  I will talk about building a blog and all of the other things that you have to set up to do it properly, as well as things to avoid and the pros and cons of using, say, the built in Empower Network viral blogging system vs your own hosted blog.

Partner with me and we can get you launched quickly.  We also have proof that the Empower Network System really works, and works well.

See you on the other side!!

empower network system


 Tom Connelly

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