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How to Make Money with Empower Network is an Easy Formula to Follow

how to make money with empower network
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The $64,000. question out there is how to make money with empower network.

I can see why.

There are two types of people, normally, who ask this question. (the third group are the haters and we’re not going to address them here, I have another post for them)

One type is the new opportunity or online business seeker who learns of Empower Network.

The other type is the internet affiliate who knows all about it and what it is, but still wonders how to make it pay off.

how to make money with empower network

How to Make Money With Empower Network is Really an Easy Formula


Now I didn’t say that it was easy to make money, because many people don’t… and they don’t because they don’t follow a formula.

They aren’t consistent.

They don’t have patience.

Before you do anything, you have to have a plan for how you will make money with Empower Network.  There are many ways to sell an opportunity or products like the Empower Network products.  You can choose the blogging route.  You can choose the paid traffic route.  Maybe you are a social networking guru and can manage to do your business in that area.  Maybe you even have a knack for print newspaper or magazine ads.

My point here is that there are many ways to go about this.  Maybe you will choose one, maybe several. Just realize what you are getting into and don’t bite of more than you can chew at one time so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

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How to make money with Empower Network is easy for those who reach a certain level of competency and can provide social proof.

What do I mean by that?

Well, people are social animals and like to follow the herd. Ever hear of the herd mentality?

People think that if they hook up with those who are mega successful, that success will rub off on them.

That line of thinking is sound… to a point.

Of course that success can rub off if you are teachable and you apply what you are taught.

It breaks down when people join under a guru who is living so large and has so many people with them that they can’t possibly address everyone.  What “Joe Internet” didn’t realize is that they might have been better off with someone a bit lower down the ladder who knows their stuff, but is still small enough to have the time to teach their methods to a few good students.

That’s where many people go wrong.

So what’s the Formula? (pssst… you know, how to make money with Empower Network – that formula)

Well, the blogging formula is the same traffic formula that exists for any site that needs to rank well in the search engine rankings.

You need TRAFFIC. How do you get that traffic?

You have to follow a plan of on page and off page SEO. Basically, you have to know how to optimize your posts around keywords and keyword phrases that you previously researched to find out which ones have decent monthly search volume AND low enough competition that you have a snowball’s chance in Hell of ranking for.

It doesn’t end there.

How do you rank?

Well, aside from that stuff I just mentioned, the basics, your site needs things like authority and popularity. You need things like author rank, page rank, domain authority, domain age (which comes only with time – unless you buy a previously owned domain that had it), and the link popularity contest.

Think of it this way, remember way back in school? Who were the popular kids? The ones who everyone else liked and wanted to be like, so they would get popularity votes by their peers.


Your site needs links (called back links or backlinks – link building) that come from relevant “in niche” and “on topic” sources, and these sources need to have those things like author rank, page rank, domain authority, etc and the links need to be DOFOLLOW (the opposite of NOFOLLOW) so that they pass some of that link juice to your site. That is a vote of confidence for your site, and that is something that Google likes to see.

Volumes have been written on all of this SEO stuff, and you can go read volumes on it, but just know that that is what it is and you need it. You also have to attain it in a slow enough and natural manner so that no flags are raised that will compromise your mission. If Google decides to penalize you, you’re toast. No traffic, no money.

So that is the formula?

Formulas on a blackboard.

Well, that was the part that gets you into the zone to get hundreds or thousands of views per month on a variety of keywords. These are views by prequalified leads that you know are already searching for what you are offering, since you optimized your stuff for them and you knew they were searching for the term that you optimized for.

That traffic brings in the numbers, and this is a numbers game.

Any kind of affiliate or internet sales is about volume.

Which car salesman sell the most cars? The ones who get the most floor traffic to their showrooms.

Now, there are other factors, like you have to know how to write and how to engage readers.

You have to know how to write in such a way that you can keep their attention and speak to their desires and wants.

You have to provide some sort of value for the web searcher.

So, you see, how to make money with Empower Network is how to make money with (insert program or online product here).

You need all the stuff that gets you rank so that you are in the high traffic lane and get LOTS of eyeballs on your content and offers.

That’s almost it. There is the followup etc but without rank and traffic, you got nothin.


Get it?

Got it?


So once your blog or blogs are “ranking and banking”, you can then turn your attention to other paid traffic sources to scale your reach and make even more profit.

It’s really an easy formula, but like I said earlier, it’s not necessarily easy to do.

You have to know how.

I can help you in that area, and so can my leaders and team.

So, when you’re ready to learn how to make money with Empower Network, buzz me.


Your Pal

Tom Connelly

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