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Countering the Empower Network Scam Chicken Littles

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The Empower Network Scam people remind me of something.  For those who are unfamiliar with the old story, Chicken Little kept yelling that the sky was falling when it wasn’t, so much so that when there really was mortal danger, no one believed.  It’s just like the boy who cried wolf – or maybe I’m morphing them together.


Empower Network Scam yellers remind us why we love money yet despise it and those who have more than us

We are trained from a young age to despise money and those who have it, even though we all want more of it because of the freedom it represents. The culture of envy feeds into this, sometimes through certain religious people who pump us full of guilt for wanting more while others lack. Politicians feed into it with tax grabs because of course even though 99% of them are themselves wealthy and in a privileged political law making class, they demonize free marketers who have”made it”, and they have willing shills in the misinformed masses who buy into this utter garbage.

The culture of envy, of bringing everyone down to make us feel better about our own mediocrity and lack, is one of the worst crimes ever perpetuated on mankind, and more specifically on the American psyche, since America used to operate on the principle of self reliance and “wanting to make it” like the ones who already got there have.

I can go on with examples here, like how in the year 2013 the Dept of Agriculture had the biggest year of food stamps yet the same department tells people in parks but to feed the animals handouts since that will destroy their ability to fend for themselves.

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I see examples of poor souls who have bought into this sick culture all over the place. Just look at the comments of people who buy into the need for government “protection” of people from so called income opportunities. There’s a difference between scams that are set up just to bilk people out of money vs those real opportunities that offer real value and real education. It seems that many have lost sight of the difference, choosing instead to be intellectually lazy and painting with a broad brush.

I’m specifically defending the so called Empower Network scam from critics who yell Empower Network scam to anyone who will listen.

Listen here, no one is forcing anyone to hand over money. It is the free market to offer marketing educational products and a viral blogging platform for a monthly fee.  Tony Robbins has been offering motivational and practical knowledge products for years, totally legally, and without the ability to resell his stuff for 100% commissions.  No one accuses him of “not having real products”.  (well, maybe some do, but it’s not all that common these days)

If you fail at Empower Network, or anything else, then you must own that.  You don’t get to go off and cry out about the Empower Network scam to anyone who will listen just to make yourself feel better about your failure, shifting blame to protect your own bruised ego.

I’m a university educated person who has worked in corporate America for years and I can tell you that network marketing, which offers product and affiliate association while all the time showing income disclaimers every at chance they get while also bending over backwards to be compliant, are totally legal, ethical, and above board.

Just because some people don’t take it seriously, don’t passionately work their business opportunity, and lose their small investment, is no excuse to take their internet rants of “scam” seriously.  It causes people to ask is Empower Network legit.  You can also read about the Amway scam, Primerica scam, Arbonne scam, (insert name of any successful network marketing company here) scam….

Follow what I am saying?  

There is a common thread here.  Tons of network marketing companies making many normal hard working people lots of money and the ones who couldn’t cut it screaming that they were scammed.  Empower Network marketing gets caught up in this toxic feedback loop that these malcontents create.

I have investigated how this works and I’ve seen how many people are actually getting paid obscene amounts of recurring commissions.

Of course their results are not typical.

That’s because not everyone can cut it.

I’ve seen this in every profession that I’ve examined. I’ve seen it in school. Some succeed better than others, some fail.

That’s humanity and that’s life. Get over it and stop buying into the lie that everyone should be equal in failure and mediocrity. Those successful people that so many hate (and envy at the same time) pay taxes…  LOTS of taxes.  No one is entitled to success. You are only entitled to equal access to it.  As far as the Empower Network system goes, take a look around.  Both genders and many races being successful and holding hands looking towards a bright future.

Don’t be a sucker and buy into the culture of envy.  Buy into being positive and opening up to your destiny of success.

Join with me and I can show you the way to success.


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  • Chris Hubbart January 20, 2014, 12:51 am

    So true Tom….
    Love the stories in here and the reference’s nail it. Very happy to be on the same team. And I look forward to rocking 2014 with you.

    • Tom Connelly January 20, 2014, 11:46 am

      Thanks Chris! Yes we’re going to crush 2014 for sure!

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