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How to Make Money from Blogging

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This is a very popular question today.  So many people like to write their thoughts down or blog about a particular subject that is dear to them, wouldn’t it also be wonderful if they could turn that into an income generating activity in addition to a labor of love?  It’s now possible to do that but in a way that is so ingenious and easy from your perspective  that many have never heard of nor would have ever thought of it.

First you have to create the blog.

After that, you monetize it.

I mean, what options did you have in the past?  Putting adsense around your blog posts?  Cheap low paying affiliate offers?

Maybe you sold your own product or ebook?

Maybe you would point the blog to your ecommerce online storefront?

The options for how to make money from blogging were VERY limited to say the least.

You’d have a better chance of catching polio in your left toe on a major holiday than making any real cash from normal blogging.

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Of course if you are one of those high class bloggers you could say it’s your job….

But it’s still just a job.

How to make money from blogging is an art form that can be turned into a very easy thing if you are in the right system and partner with the right company and sponsors.

How to Make Money From Blogging is the Shiznit!

That’s what Adam Sandler’s demons in “Little Nicky” would have said if they would drop the Popeye’s Chicken and picked up this blogging system.

how to make money from blogging is the shiznit

I am referring to the Empower Network viral blogging system. Blogging for money is another way to put it.  You join the Empower Network and subscribe to their blogging service, which gives you a tricked out blog that is skillfully framed with Empower network ads.

You blog away and since they have a high powered internet domain that ranks well with Google and other search engines, people searching for what you are writing about are drawn to your content and read it.  You give them the content they desire, Google and other search engines deliver them to your content, and everyone is happy.

You can even change up the blog to look like your own blog with the Empower Network stuff behind the scenes deeper in the site. Check out this blog that I themed as a cryptozoology blog but it’s really an Empower Network blog. The EN branding has been turned off but there are ads to the right and at the bottom, and on some of the deeper pages linked at the top.

Another Empower hosted blog is my Infinite Possibilities blog.

Now, it’s human nature to want more out of life and to make more money.

So, the very alluring ads that frame your blog will draw many people in.

Now don’t get me wrong, the products and the opportunity are very good and all legitimate, so you do not have to worry or have a crisis of conscience for having people see those ads.  When they join the Empower Network looking to hook into the products or the opportunity, they are bound to you, they are now under your team.  It turns into a multi level network marketing structure and not only do you get paid on the sales that are made through your ads but you get a piece of the action down the line whenever they bring someone in and they bring someone in etc etc. So when you create blog content with this system, you are essentially blogging for money.

The great thing here is that you now know how to make money from blogging AND you are hooked into one of the greatest income opportunities of all time.  The income has the potential of being residual and passive, and Empower handles all of the selling.  You don’t have to actively recruit people or try to sell things to your friends and family, as is expected in offline traditional MLM systems.

So, me and my team have some guidelines that you can follow in order to ensure that your blog posts grab the highest number of viewers for what you are writing about. This subtle shift in your writing can mean the difference between few viewers or many viewers, and in this system, the number of viewers is tied to the amount of blogging income you make.

Some of the things that you should do to make sure that people actually see your blog posts when they search for what they are looking for online are:

  • Look up what keywords people are searching on.
  • Tailor your blog posts to those words and phrases.
  • Richly link your pages to other pages in your site
  • Optimize your posts and pages for these terms by doing on page seo (search engine optimization)
  • Get the word out through syndication
  • Get popularity votes for your pages through backlinking campaigns because backlinks are used to gauge how good your content is

These are some of the things that you should do to give your blog posts a fighting chance at being seen and enjoyed by your target audience.

I can teach you how to make money from blogging, the most money that you can make, and you can build that into an empire if you take it seriously and really want to do it that way.  Look at the products that the company offers and how you get paid based on what your blog viewers buy.  Also, the compensation plan is an earth shaking new style one that make sure that you can be set for life if it works out the right way for you.

Finally, I would say join with me to learn the best way to maximize your returns with this system and ensure that you are a success and that whenever anyone else asks how to make money from blogging, you know what to tell them and where they can go.  They can then join with you and you can help them learn the best way as I have now divulged to you.

So now that you know how to make money from blogging, you can embark on that dream career of sitting poolside, listening to some inspirational tunes, maybe taking a break whenever you want, and get to call yourself a professional blogger, because the possible income that you can pull in with this method is mind boggling.

Now there is an income disclaimer alert here, but really, there are many people with Empower who are making 5 and six figure MONTHLY incomes doing this.  Are they better than you?  Are they smarter?  No.  They just knew is was POSSIBLE and they never quit.

Don’t allow yourself to let the naysayers and wannabes pull you down the way the crabs in the bucket pull the ones that want to escape back in.  Don’t let that be you.

Let me show you the way.

Together as a team we can create an army of on topic blog posts that bring in the affiliates.

Blogging for money is a system and a strategy that starts and ends with you creating content that your audience is searching for and that can solve their problems. As long as you never lose sight of that and stick to the core principles you’ll be okay.  There is a simple action plan that you must follow, and that starts with you creating a blog, then doing what is necessary to have the blog posts eventually show in the search engine rankings, as we said above.  Those posts are also linked in my power blogging resources section.

So what are you waiting for?  Let’s get started.

Your blogging coach…

 Tom Connelly

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