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Why You Need a Plan for Success in Your Internet Marketing Business

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I just wanted to post a little something about having a plan for success.  Plans can be large or small, complicated or simple.  You can choose how to set up your plan, but I am just making sure that you have one.


Well, I get the impression that too many would be marketers are trapped in the role of blind opportunity seeker.

Yes, I said it.

Too many of you are grasping at straws, or stabbing in the dark, for the next best program.

Look, I’m sympathetic, up to a point.  I was once in your position.


Yes, really.

I remember getting email after email after email – I still do… but at some point you have to hunker down and choose a vehicle for success and go for it as if that is the only thing worth living for and you’ll shrivel up and die if you don’t make it successful.

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Now I’m NOT saying that you can’t take advantage of several programs or tools at a time.  What I am saying is that you should have a fairly good idea of your main program or several programs that you choose to be your primary businesses, not second guess all the time and look for the grass to be greener elsewhere if you haven’t gone from pauper to prince in a month or a few.

This is a business.  It’s a skill set.

Many people don’t give it the respect it deserves, you know, learning an entire new profession that isn’t really taught in schools and doesn’t conform to the standard definition of a career type.

Thankfully it doesn’t.  If it did, it would be full of school trained dorks and salaries…  Ugh.

So get a plan!!

Success is a Mindset, and It’s Something that you Plan for and Expect

So you need to plan for your success.  What I mean by that is you have to have a blueprint of some sort.

You know, to get from place A to place Z on your journey.

It’s like the Underpants Gnomes in South Park.

Collect Underpants–> ? –> Profit

See?  Right here:

Nobody knows how those Underpants Gnomes make a profit on stealing kids’ underwear, but YOU had better know how you are going to make a profit in your business.



You have to plan for it.

Okay so what is the plan.  Well, I am mainly gearing this towards Empower Network, but you can take these lessons for any system out there that you may be promoting.

So, with Empower Network, you start off, usually, with the blogging model.  First off, you don’t blog blindly about any old topic, and you don’t mix topics.  I’m not going to elaborate on that in this post since I go on about it at length in other posts that will be linked in this article.  You need to have a focus for each part of the system.  So, you follow the smart blogging plan, learning about SEO and all of that.

Okay so now what?  Well, blogs and SEO take awhile.  You won’t be getting traffic immediately.  It works like this.  For the blogging portion, you need more traffic than you’ll get leads and more leads than sales because each is a subset of the next.  That’s just how anything like this works.  It’s how foot traffic at the mall works too.  You get people walking by, people coming in and browsing, and a smaller set of people actually buying.  This is just reality.

So what’s your plan after that?

You have to learn other ways of marketing your ideas and getting traffic to YOUR offer(s).  One of the best ways to do that quickly and almost on demand is with paid traffic.  With this technique you can drive targeted traffic to your lead capture form (squeeze page) without having to worry about if your blog is ranking yet.  So in this way you cover your bases.  Of course it costs some money, but once you get the hang of it and know the various sources of pay per click traffic, you do trial and error and see what converts the best.  You do small ads as a test because you’ll want to test these lists to see how responsive they are towards your offer.  You can even use the cheaper or free solo and safelist methods to test out squeeze pages, but don’t spend too much time there.

This is how it’s done!!  This type of paid traffic is also known as buying solo ads.  So learn about that.

This is what I mean by having a plan.  So on the one hand you have your blog that you are building with solid keyword research and SEO.  That takes time but eventually it will gain authority and rank for many keywords and pull in free organic Google traffic.  Add that up over time and you will be pulling leads from all corners of the internet, and you can multiply that by as many active optimized niche blogs that you can manage.

You use this technique to build your email list because everyone knows that no internet marketer is worth much without a list of people whom they have built a relationship of trust with.


Are you getting this?

There are also other things you will bolt onto your marketing machine as time goes on and you learn it and get better.  You will be able to handle multiple offers and grow your sales funnel.  Maybe your list will get so big that you can rent it out and sell solo ads of your own.

The sky is the limit here.

So, I hope that this post has encouraged you to invest in yourself and to abandon the “grass is greener” and the freebie mentality that keeps so many people frustrated and broke.

Stay positive, motivated, patient, and keep crushing it with massive action daily.

Remember, success is something that you PLAN for and you make it happen.  You don’t leave it up to chance and you focus like a laser on the endgame because those who take their eye off the ball for every shiny object that rolls past will just roll around in uncertainty and doubt until they get frustrated and give up.  Don’t let that be your fate.

I’m always an email away if you join my team.


Your pal,

Tom Connelly


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  • Lawrence Mak August 20, 2014, 4:47 am

    It is not easy for you to earn money when you just step into the internet marketing. You will have to keep on learning while you spending your time and effort to promote your online business.
    Take advice from the expert, you may get less wrong steps.

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