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How to Become a Blogger and Make Money

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How to become a blogger and make money is something that any literate person can do. They can do it now, immediately, pronto…  get it?  I mean as in stat, in a hurry, hush hush we’re in a rush.  That kinda thang.

It’s as easy as pie, a piece of cake.   You can do it!

Really, folks, there isn’t a lot to learn. It’s not rocket science and you just need to know a few things, learn a few easy skills, get a few tools to do the job, and join up with an opportunity that will actually pay you for blogging.  How to become a blogger and make money is something that is attainable in a short amount of time, if you know where to start. I can help you with that.

You Mean to Tell Us that YOU Know How to Become a Blogger and Make Money?

Yes I do.  All you need to do is to learn how to create a blog.  You can choose the canned option where you buy into the program and use the blog that you are provided, or roll your own blog the way I tell you to.  It’s easy though.  With this option you need a domain name from a reputable registry company, and web hosting from a kick ass web hosting company. Another key piece of that puzzle is a keyword research tool that lets you figure out what web searchers are searching for so that you can tailor your blog posts to answer those questions and fill that need with solutions that people want.

WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting

The opportunity that will pay you for blogging is like this.

You blog.

You get web surfers into your blog and show them various ways to get your blog ranked in search, then you direct them to start blogging for the same business.

You basically interest people in this opportunity or the products with the opportunity.

Or, you have affiliate offers on your website that match up with the interest niche that you are blogging about.

It depends whether you are going the straight one time get paid affiliate route, or the build a team and get paid residual monthly affiliate route. This blog, Ninjamlm.com Home Page, focuses mainly on the multi level team building affiliate route, but of course I mention the other for the benefit of my friends who read this blog in making the best decision for themselves.

The overall setup is the same.

You learn this and then voila you know how to become a blogger and make money.

Of course it takes work, time, patience, and self promotion.

Utilize my resources!

I have to say that the products are not some unnecessary byproduct or front.  They are real products that will not only get you into the success mindset that you need to be in to make money online, but they will teach you many tricks and skills associated with becoming a competent internet marketer.

how to become a blogger and make money

The compensation plan is just something that when you grasp it, it will blow your mind with how much income you can generate with this method. You have the entire internet as your potential customer/partner base and you don’t have to hassle friends or family since this is an internet business model.

So you see, it’s not just blogging but you will be learning many great skills.  You’ll learn search engine optimization techniques (SEO), keyword research which is linked to that, online advertising models, technical things like web hosting, domain name registration, creating the blog you work with, and even design.  It’s easy though I can guide you and if you partner with me I can offer some extras that you wouldn’t have if you just partnered with anyone.  I am a member of an entire team and we encourage each other, share advice and strategy, etc.  It’s great when you have others to lean on and bounce things off.

So I hope that this short article and the links provided have stimulated your appetite for using the internet as a cash machine.

How to become a blogger and make money is just a few steps away.  Let me be your guide on this journey.


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