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Online Success is Around the Corner, so Suck it Up. No More Excuses!

success suck it up
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Online success can be around the corner for anyone, if they work and they’re patient.

So what is this, Tom, you say? You’re always talking about patience and hard work.

I want to make the big money NOW!

Well, you’re not going to be making a mint overnight.

It takes time and work.

Listen, anytime you put content online, people have to find that content.

They usually find it via Google or another search engine.

Do you think those rankings happen overnight?

Hey, don’t shoot the messenger. I don’t make the rules here.

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You need to get good search rankings because of one major reason.


Yup, that’s it. People are finicky impatient creatures, and they want instant gratification (sound familiar?) so they search on Google for something and they want to see results on the first page.

Most people rarely go past the first page of results, so if your content is behind that you might get some hits, but you won’t get many.

So, when you want to curse out someone for it being so darn hard to get those eyes on your content, blame PEOPLE.

It’s like that with everything, right? Look at all of the great home business MLM and Network Marketing opportunities out there. There are tons, and many of them do pay when you deliver what is required, whether it be sales of memberships, product, or whatever. The largest barrier you have is PEOPLE actually signing on and taking part, and then them finding more PEOPLE to sign on. You have this mountain of DOUBT out there to overcome. PEOPLE don’t want to RISK even a few dollars on a maybe. They want PROOF. You can fake proof, but most of them don’t know that. Meh.

The most tragic thing is that many people will willingly risk more than a membership or Viral Blogging System fee on something as guaranteed to fail as the lottery. Look at how many people play the lottery all of the time. It’s just a chance, a dream. I guess it’s because they know that no matter how small, they have a chance to win and if they do they WILL get paid.

If only they KNEW that many of these great companies, like Empower Network, really do pay when you deliver.

I don’t know what else to say. You deliver, they pay. It’s simple, and a fact.

How do I know? Because Empower Network money has gone into my account so I know it’s real.

So anyway, for those still with me and not onto the next search result since they have no attention span…

Stop making excuses.

success suck it up

Look at me.

I love money. Not money itself but what you can do with it.

I love the freedom.

I work all sorts of great online opportunities, as well as being a high paid technology consultant.

I’m a smart guy and you should team up with me. (look a bit lower)

Bottom line here is that you need to take responsibility for your own success, make work a priority, make success a priority, take your lumps, own your failures and successes, and don’t rely on anyone else to deliver you a dream.

When I fail, and believe me everyone does at times, I don’t blame others who introduced me to this and that. I blame myself and then I regroup and try harder.

Sometimes a take a breather, but I ALWAYS come back and adjust my strategy.

Get on over to my partner page and take the plunge.

There’s a LOT to learn over here and I suggest that you read much of my material on this blog to get started and get into the proper mindset for success.

Is this YOUR year to stop making excuses and blaming everything else for not attaining that success?

It’s time to grow up and get with it.

I’m not sure what else to say here.

Just look at this blog. For a time I had no views. I would pull my hair out wondering what was going on.

Then I hot some hard times and left it for awhile. Of course I did some SEO and all of that technical stuff to get it ranked better in Google, but like I said earlier, it takes TIME and you have to be PATIENT.

So I left it and moved onto some other things for awhile, and I checked up on it much later.

Like several months later.

I checked my stats.

They were BOOMING. I don’t mean like the giant websites, but I mean well over a hundred or a couple if hundred a day. This was up from just a few views per day.

I guess over time Google started liking the site more. The domain matured a bit and the content percolated.

Sometimes you just have to put in the work and wait and then keep at it and in time you end up having the great basis for a real web property that becomes not only your soap box but a real platform for business building.

So, I hope that you take away from this, if you got this far, that it takes hard work, patience, and perseverance. This is something I have preached in many other articles, but I like to repeat it and throw in real examples over time.

I like getting humorous in many of my articles, but sometimes I get serious and take it down a notch, like I’m doing now.

So hey, benefit from my hard earned experience…. or not.

Your choice.

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