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Empower Network Proof is in the Pudding

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People who are looking for Empower network proof, or proof that is works or is a legitimate entity, sometimes find it and other times do not.  These days people are rightfully skeptical of any offer or program out there, and for different reasons, some valid and some not. Of course there is proof that can be and will be provided.  Believe me, for anyone who is promoting Empower Network, providing proof is a joy!

Empower Network Proof is Just Around the Corner

I wanted to point out some emotions or reasons that many people seek proof of concept for various income producing methods.  This is a long one so please try to get through it.

The number one reason would probably be to avoid being ripped off.  Of course, many people are willing to pay for information that they perceive will provide income, because that represents a high reward to risk ratio.  It’s not expensive to join most affiliate or marketing programs, and many of the products are affordable, but no one wants to throw away money on something that can’t deliver any value.

Hey, I’m with you there.  I hate throwing away money.  What I do realize though, and I wanted to make sure that you realize it too is this…

You have to be willing to invest in order to make money.


I know what people are searching for who search for business opportunities online, and I can tell you that many of them are looking for free no investment programs, and they wonder why they get ripped off?

They have the wrong mentality.  

If you have a poor mindset, and want everything for free, then you forever get trapped into that cycle and when YOU try to deliver information then all of your prospects want it for free because that is all that you ever attract.

I know this, which is why I don’t pander to freeloaders.  If you are a freeloader who ended up here, press the back button now.

Okay so the freeloaders are gone.

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Good.  Nobody needs them. I don’t work for free and neither should you.  You came here looking for Empower Network proof so keep reading.


empower network proof


Does that sound harsh?

I don’t think that it is.

It takes a fair amount of work and effort to produce this and other websites that I own, and I should be compensated for my effort and for providing information.  I am here to provide value – both to steer you to what makes money and also to learn the skills that you need to make that a reality, and to also get paid for providing you with those answers and methods.

This way, we both win..

If you partner with me you can get on the fast track to that end.

So, okay, we got past the part about having a poor mind and the fallacy that you can get everything for free and then expect to get paid when all you want is a free ride.  I hope that we got past that because if you can’t get past that then you had better reconsider your quest.  You can spend years of costly trial end error to obtain this information “for free” but it is not for free.  You would spend many times the amount of buying the training than you would acquiring that knowledge and reinventing the wheel that others have already acquired.  Also, you would be placing yourself at a disadvantage because while you are busy learning the basics , for free…

I’m sorry I’m laughing as I type that because it’s just so silly – it’s not free if you end up spending more money than you need to in order to learn what you need to make the money that you seek.

So while you have wasted all that time and expense because you were too stingy up front to buy lots of necessary knowledge, the others who paid for that foundational knowledge would now be many steps ahead of you and  learning the latest strategies since this internet that we are all on is evolving at light speed.

If I didn’t decide to take a chance on my mentor (sponsor) and buy into his team, then I would still be spinning my wheels trying to figure out what is likely to work instead of building search friendly sites that get views and potential customers and new team members.

The investment doesn’t stop at the products that teach you the way forward.  You have to also be willing to invest a bit in technology like hosting services and platforms.  It’s not a lot of money.  It’s actually child’s play compared to what it would cost you to open up a storefront in the offline world.

Why am I saying all this?

You need to know it.

I would be doing you a MAJOR disservice if I didn’t tell you that it takes work, effort, persistence, and some money to get started in any online business.  Scammers don’t tell you that. They don’t mention income disclaimers and such.  They just want you money, fast.  I would rather see you leave this site telling yourself that there’s no way that you’re spending anything to become successful than to mislead you.  This way, I become associated with those who know what it takes and accept the risk.


empower network proof


So yes, I am promoting Empower Network because after my own investigation I knew it was something that works.  These were things that I found out.

  • Empower Network works
  • Empower Network is legal
  • Empower Network really pays it’s affiliates (to the tune of over $60million over 2 years, and counting)
  • Empower Network sells a real blogging platform
  • Empower Network sells real products that teach internet marketing
  • Empower Network doesn’t care of you promote other programs with their tools (they actually encourage it!)
  • Empower Network is about taking care of their affiliates and paying 100% commissions
  • Empower Network has income disclaimers plastered all over it’s site so as not to mislead anyone

So you need to keep all of that in mind when you are searching for Empower Network proof.  All of this drives your toward a conclusion that should satisfy your quest for information.


Don’t Skip Around Among so Many Programs.  Stop Changing the Channel!

Another thing that will hamper your success is jumping around from one so called great program to the next, always chasing that dream.  While there may be several programs that work in different ways, if you try to follow them all at once, you will fail.  You’ll spread yourself so thin and your won’t focus on what you need to.  Then you’ll end up like all of those malcontents who troll forums complaining that there is no Empower Network proof because it doesn’t work, when in essence YOU are the reason that you failed because your attention was moving among so many programs that you never mastered one set of strategies before moving to the next.  Concentrate on master Empower Network and THEN move on to promoting other programs.

Let me tell you, with what you learn inside Empower Network, if successful, you will eventually not only be making money with EN, but with other programs that you use EN to promote, programs that you promote that your prospects and team members will need in order to set up their systems, or even your own info products or even strategies around making EN work better for others.  The sky is the limit here, once you learn the masters’ secrets to Internet marketing.

Let me tell you a little story about my first go around with Empower Network.


I had once joined for the same reasons I outlined above.  I searched for Empower Network proof and I was satisfied that it is all on the up and up.  I bought in at the lowest levels, and then… I stalled.

Why did I stall?

I just blogged aimlessly.  You see, you have to know about blogging to have a chance.  Well, part of it is that I had unrealistic expectations.  One of the founder of EN, Dave Wood, likes to talk about people who used to have my formerly poor outlook and unrealistic expectations.  He puts on the funny whiny voice and says,

“I’ve made three blog posts and I’m not rich yet, WHY isn’t it WORK-ING?”

It’s funny but it’s true.  Many people think they are forking over a few dollars and buying success.  They have this idea that EN guarantees success and you just buy in and you get rich with no effort.  It simply doesn’t work that way.  You can’t put up a few blog posts and then complain that it isn’t working.


empower network proof


The other part of it was that I didn’t know how to blog.  There are some basic things that you have to do before you write your blog posts and also after.  You also have to be patient while things “percolate” and the search engines crawl your page and add you to the index. When you buy the Empower Network products, there are also other things you can do beyond blogging to promote it and hopefully generate leads and income apart from the blogging.  In the end, you will have several ways that your Empower Network business is able to sustain itself and grow.

So since I didn’t see how I could make it successful, I quit.  I was really busy with other aspects of my life at the time, and I had a pretty well paying job, so I left.  I wish that at that time I knew what to do, because I’d be much farther along the way now, but it wasn’t meant to be at that time, and in retrospect I wouldn’t have connected with my current sponsor and his nonsense blogging method.  The guy is making almost $50,000 a month, so I think he’s figured it out.  By partnering with me, you are in essence partnering with him since I teach the same methods.

So you likely found this article while looking for Empower Network proof, or to put it another way, proof that Empower Network is a legitimate business concern and that whatever they do, it works in generating an income.

Well, yeah, it does.  I wanted you to know all that and I also want you to look around this blog for other articles and take it all in.  Once you partner with me you’ll have access to the larger team secret FaceBook page and the entire blogging method, but the Empower Network products are indispensable to your success.  You have to own any product that you want to get commissions on, so you have to buy them anyway, but you can be in Empower Network at any level.  The only catch is that you can only earn commissions at that level, and that is a good thing since if it wasn’t the company would have gone bankrupt by now.  Don’t worry though, the products are great and they lay it all out for you and fill in the blanks in your internet marketing arsenal.  Once you consume that information you’ll realize that lots of the Empower Network proof is in the products, while giving a generous nod to the extra value that you will get from partnering with me and learning to focus like a laser where you need to.

If, to you, Empower Network proof consists of watching some people show their commissions and to hear from some people from different walks of life speak about how Empower Network is the real deal and has transformed their lives, then by all means please check out the proof that Empower Network delivers.

I hope that you take all of this as sincere, because I am sincere.  I am working towards my financial independence and I want to take as many working stiffs as I can with me.  Life is too short to spend it at some soul sucking job only to be laid off and let go like some piece of trash or be treated like you’re a number or a “resource” and not a person.

Lock arms with me, and with my super affiliate sponsor, and with the Empower Network, and get empowered for success.



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