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How to Get Residual Income

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You shouldn’t be asking how to get residual income but how to make it a reality

Residual, or recurring… repeating, income, is not some holy grail myth.

It’s a team thing that us finally within the reach of most anyone, thanks to the efforts of more than a few marketing geniuses who were able to set up networks and products for the average affiliate marketer to sell and build businesses around.  All you need to do is get into these networks and programs and sell them over the internet, recruiting prospects along the way, then teaching them to repeat what you did.

Look, it’s not hard. It takes work and patience but it’s nothing as hard as getting up everyday to commute to a dead end job.

There is nothing wrong with the mlm model where you sell products and persuade others to do the same, especially when the products have real value in making us all better marketers, persuaders, etc.  It’s like a mind reboot and an education in marketing and positive thinking.  I went to university and they never taught us anything nearly as valuable as this.

Believe me you, this stuff gets easier the more frequently you do it. Take a look around my blog. I can teach you what you need to do to create your own web property and use that as your home base to suck in Google love and find tons of people who WANT what we’re offering.  After you gather all of these interested people from Google, it’s easy to bring them into this plan and teach them how to get residual income too.  After all, it’s what they’re searching for.  We’re only providing them what they want. We also make bank by recommending tools that every marketer needs to be successful building their list.

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As I’ve stated in other posts, you can trade time for money on a one to one basis and run yourself ragged for such a tiny bit of money that it makes no sense to even try it, or you can learn the skills to make a real difference in your life and go with a system proven to do what it says.  This is global and lots of people are changing their lives with programs like these.

Let’s see what else is out there… shall we?

Gas station attendant…

Men’s room attendant…

Burger flipper….

Stock clerk….


Are you getting my drift?  Even for those with technical or more marketable skill sets  try making the kind of money we all need by trading time for money.  Try building computers or being a computer consultant, where your customers literally own you and let’s face it, those things are mere service jobs where the customer is not benefitting all that much.  If you teach people how to make a great lifestyle and carry them along with you, then you aren’t just servicing customers but making the best of friends.  In all of the time for money jobs/professions, you are limited in your earnings due to the time factor.  That’s why entertainers are so rich, they sell to millions of people.  The internet helps to provide you with that type of market.

Where are you going today?  If you sit back and do nothing then you lose.  If you take a few steps then panic and step back, you lose.  If you are lazy, you’ve already lost.

What I’m saying here is that you can do it, but you have to work for it and learn the skills.  The skills are what me and my team can send your way.  Your end of the deal is to join and to follow the basic technical plan to success and keep at it until you succeed.

So what do you get?  You get all of the tools and services within the actual programs that you become an affiliate or a partner with, and then you get the practical plan to put it to good use from me and my friends who are also doing this.  I tried going it alone once and got frustrated.  Now that I have support and a plan, nothing is stopping me and I am on my way.  Won’t you also take the trip?  It’s fun owning internet domain names and building Web properties.  Trust me, it’s not really work in the true sense, when you are doing it for yourself.

Afraid to write (blog)?  Don’t be.  Once you start it gets easy.  The biggest thing is knowing what people are searching for and having what you write cater to those people in a real way so that the search engine matches you up with those seeking the information.

So this is what you do:



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