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Best Residual Income Businesses

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When thinking about residual, or passive, income and which businesses will bring it, the only real type are the types that produce royalties (authoring, lyrics, music and art, patented ideas), and sales type of ventures where you get repeat commissions based on earlier sales being renewed annually or after some term, usually in the financial and insurance sector.  I’m not sure of much more, except the kind that I am going to discuss next.  

If there are others that I omitted please mention them below.

Again, what else would you expect an internet guy like me to say?   Honestly, as a long time cubicle wage slave, I looked at everything with a critical eye.  Everything out there consists of trading time (hours) for money (currency) at either a fixed rate or however much you can sell in an allotted time.

It just doesn’t scale up very well.

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I mean, really.  Look at a guy standing on some remote street corner selling something.  He has very limited reach.  Then he decides to rent out a billboard on a busy highway.  Now he has many eyes on his business.  then  he does mailings and newspaper ads. If he has enough of a budget he can take out radio and TV ads.  Sound familiar?  It worked that way for years.  Now we have this global communications medium that anyone can get on for cheap, and in some cases for free.  The best residual income businesses are on the internet!!

Anyone can set up a blog, website, YouTube account, or a network of these things to create a virtual information empire that sells quality products of all kinds, from goods on Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, etc to informational and how to products from Clickbank and other affiliate programs.

You can set up online storefronts via Shopify to sell anything you want.

The best part about the above is that while it’s work, you do most of it once and it pays off big time later.  There are people making tens of thousands of dollars PER MONTH from sites that they set up once and merely maintain.

So, the best residual income businesses are internet based and created by regular people.  The best part is that the instruction on how to do this is mostly free, if you know where to look, and the barriers to entry are low to almost non existent.

You have found the site that will train you over time to do this.  If you partner with me in my ventures then it is in my interest to help you to succeed as well.

There are links on this page to help you learn how to create your own blog, and I have presented one very lucrative affiliate program that pays residual income.  If you would rather use a ready to go blog, then I recommend that you join me in Empower Network.  Those blogs are so full of Empower sales hooks that you can’t help but make residual sales.

It all starts with keyword research and knowing your target market.

I just wanted to let you know all of that and steer you in the right direction.  I wish I had this direction years ago when I started and all I got were sites featuring kids posing in front of (rented) Ferraris.

Another great residual income system that also provides you with actual tools that you NEED as an online marketer, is the Power Lead System, which also allows team building and residual income when your members reup every month. They tend to reup since the tools are needed and valuable for marketing to others, list building, and even blogging.

Look around the site and see what else you can pick up.


Your New Buddy…. Tom


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