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How to Earn Extra Income

how to make extra income
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Many people wonder about this.  They spend countless hours online searching.  They come across multitudes of Facebook groups and websites promising it.  They get squeeze pages with limited one time offers and opt ins.  They see ads with young people who look fresh out of grade school standing next to a Ferrari claiming they earned it with online income.  Along with that come the fancy graphics with flying cash, mansions, Hummers, Limos, Yachts.  Everyone is trying to outdo one another to appear the most successful with their pound of internet photo bling.

Shazam! ….  You don’t need any of that.  

So tell us again, Tom, How to Earn Extra Income?

You can take another job, be a consultant, sell your handiwork in flea markets or on sites like Ebay or Etsy.  Sub categories of those would be the variations like what kind of job, which craft would you create products with and what website would you choose in order to sell your goods in person or online, what kind of consultant would you be?  These are many of the considerations that go into considering how to earn extra income.

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You can earn this extra income, and when you earn really large amounts of it, you can live really well.  You can stand out without all of the rap style overindulgence too.  You don’t need any of that, and you can do it with nothing but a blog (or blogs), hard work, and the basic tools that internet marketers use to work at their trade.  The bottom line is exposure, and you do that through search engines, social media, and you can even use some tricky offline methods as well.  I have other posts detailing various ways of how to earn extra income at home or anywhere…. the beach… the lake… while you’re sleeping…  The internet is always on, even when you’re off.

The biggest thing to remember here is that you have to take it seriously and have a strong work ethic.  You have to plug away every day, even when you don’t feel like it.  Sure, as it takes off you can lay back a bit more, but you have to build it.  It’s your business, and the time you put in is for yourself, no one else.

I am part of a team led by a young guy who is doing this.  I have learned from him and partnered with his Empower Network team.  I would love for you to partner with me as I build my own team for success.  The beauty is, is that I am copying his methods (at his request), and you will copy my methods (at my request), and we will ALL profit together.  Soon you won’t be asking how to earn extra income but what are yo going to do with it all.

Now, Empower isn’t the only game in town.  It’s HUGE, and you should be in it if you want to learn from the best of the best and build real lasting success, but there are plenty of other systems in place and they all work synergistically.  You can use the Empower techniques to promote any program, and then there are affiliates offers for the various tools that every internet marketer needs to buy to set up shop.  I also participate in the Easy Hundreds program because the commission structure is amazing and it’s so easy to promote alongside Empower Network and my tools affiliate programs.

Want to be successful?  Here are some possible steps:

  • A good lead capture page creator with built in email contact manager and autoresponder is a must for online marketers, and this one has a built in WordPress based blog platform as well. I used to promote Empower Network as the main non self hosted blog option, and it’s great and one of my main blogs is hosted on it, but the new Power Lead System Blog is a real option now, especially with the other tools that every marketer NEEDS is within the same package.
  • One way is to Join the Empower Network Blogging system at a minimum.  You can upgrade to the more expensive knowledge products later.  It has fast start training to start reprogramming your mind, so it’s not like you just get the blog. You will eventually want to since you can’t get commissions on those higher priced upsells until you yourself own them. It’s no rush in the beginning though.  Use the Empower blog to blog about the keywords that will get you traffic for your target market.  Choose a target market that will naturally be buyers of this type of product and system and use the long tail keywords (lower search volume, lower competition).  You can learn more about keywords here.
  • Get your own Domain for your own hosted blog, with a web hosting plan that has good disk space, high bandwidth, and lets you host your own domains.  Then you’ll also need a mail list autoresponder (2 choices – Getresponse or Aweber).  This you can put off for a bit if you want to focus on the Empower blog first, but you should do either both or the one.  You still have to join Empower and the blogging system to resell that and recruit in Empower.  That is fine.  I haven’t even focused on my own Empower blog yet, but I will soon for the SEO higher domain status aspect.
  • Do your keyword research and blog about the low competition ones daily, one keyword per blog post.  You’ll need a kick ass keyword research tool for this, and I use this one with great results.  Without this, you’re just spinning your wheels.  This is hands down the most important part of your online success strategy.  Promote through social networks, classified ads, forum posts and signatures (where allowed), and other techniques like safelists, solo ads, traffic exchanges, article directories, and whatever else you can, as long as it’s legal and in good taste.

Basically, that’s it.  There are nuances and more you can do, but this is the basic formula.

Persistence pays off, and you don’t need to brag about Hummer Limousines and wads of currency either.  My mentor doesn’t, and his blog went from $0 to almost $40k per MONTH in less than a year using the same techniques I am using here, and that we will teach you when you join the team.  How’s that for learning how to earn extra income?




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