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How to Make Money Without a Job

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What if you get laid off?  How to make money without a job is difficult for most.

Well, I hope that you have some sort of income or savings so that you can live, because if you are homeless then it is very hard, if not impossible, other than pan handling or odd jobs.

If you are reading this post, then you have access to a computer and must have some resources at your command.

I also hope that you have a positive attitude! 🙂

I would imagine that those searching for this actually mean how to do this without formal employment.

Ways to make money without a job, these days, usually means internet based. You probably need some sort of money or capital to start off with, either to buy goods to resell, or to buy knowledge or the rights to resell things.

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There are several ways.

How To Make Money Without A Job Explained

You can use auction websites to buy and sell goods online. Many people do this. They buy goods on Ebay, or Craigslist, or another site. They can also buy things locally in flea markets or garage sales. it doesn’t matter where they get the goods from. The key is that they list the same goods for higher prices on other auction sites in order to turn a profit. They are basically flipping the good for profit. It takes hustling, but there are people who have totally replaced their regular incomes doing this.

Another way how to make money without a job is affiliate programs. What affiliates do is that they sign up to become affiliates of vendors who are selling goods and services. What these vendors seek is to offload advertising to an army of affiliates in return for commissions on sales or on leads and sales.

Different affiliate agreements have varying terms and conditions. Percentages vary as do the cost of the goods and services that are being dealt with.

Some affiliate programs are strictly for a commission on the product or service being advertised, while in other cases there is a more in depth multi level approach that extends residual income based on future multi level recruitment and sales.  Empower Network is an amazing affiliate program  and blogging platform that has transformed many lives.  The marketing products are mind blowing and you really should check that one out.

Another great affiliate program that offers residual team building, but offers a full suite of tools that every marketer really needs, all bundled together (sales funnel creation, email autoresponder, blogging system) is the Power Lead System. Sell this to enough people and you can make multi thousand dollar checks every week on Wednesday.

There are pay per click programs (Adsense) where people get paid to click on ads, but these usually require a lot of work for very little payoff.

Then again, some people are only looking for a little extra income for holidays or other short term needs.

how to make money without a job

Multi level and network marketing are much more lucrative ways to build residual and ongoing income.

It is one of the best ways to make money from home, legitimate ways to make money online, and dependable sources of generating passive income and residual income. Think about it, with most work you are trading time for money. With multi level and network marketing you are trading some time and effort, but the work that you put into the beginning pays off many times as the network or levels grow. Since in this model you get paid a portion of other people’s effort, you get paid on much more “time” than you yourself could ever put into any kind of normal job.

When these start taking off and growing, you really have found a great way to make money without a job.

You can actually use your Empower Network business to recruit people into multiple programs, since Empower has no problem with you doing that.

You can research the best business to start for you by looking at the various offline and internet business models that are out there. I still say that affiliate marketing is the best way and in that sector the multi level marketing method has the best potential, when you know how to set it up and get the internet traffic to your big money program.

It takes some work, but where can you spend several months setting up a system and then after that have it almost run itself, paying you day in and day out?

When you mix blogging and researching internet search keywords with SEO (optimizing your site) you have a powerful combination that cannot be beat for sucking in thousands and even tens of thousands of internet searchers who are looking for YOUR business model and mentoring. This is a warm market that is already searching for what you are offering. Remember, give people what they want, what they are searching for, and you have filled a need. Much has been written about people who become successful while helping others become successful.

Once you set up your sites in this manner, you can be running an internet business that will provide people with exactly what they are searching for, help them accomplish that by showing them what to do and how to set it up, and since they need what you are offering to make that work for them, you end up getting paid for this. This is the crux of how to make money without a job. You are working, but you are working for yourself, not some company or some boss. You will finally be your own boss once it reaches critical mass.

How to make money without a job is no longer a dream but something that is on the way to finally becoming your new reality!


Your Blogging Coach,

Tom Connelly

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